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Fusionsea 1/3 Inch SONY B/W 480TVL Camera Main Board DHD-30-1


This CCD color board camera features the latest technology and is priced right for any do-it-yourself budget. 1/3 SONY B/W 480TVL Camera Main Board is easy installed. 480TVL 0.5 Lux board and it can be loaded security camera series. This Camera Board...
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  • 480TVL 0.5 Lux camera board
  • 1/3 Sony B/W CCD
  • It can be loaded security camera series
  • 1/3 SONY B/W 480TVL Camera Main Board is easy installed
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Size: 38 x 38mm/1.50 x 1.50in


Fusionsea 1/3 Inch SONY B/W 480TVL Camera Main Board DHD-30-1

  • This is a 1/3 Inch SONY B/W 480TVL Camera Main Board

What is a Board Camera?

  • A board camera is the most basic component of any camera you see on this website or others. Board cameras are the "guts" of any camera system whether it be a dome camera, a CCTV Box camera, micro camera, hidden camera, spy camera, plus many more.  These cameras are perfect for the person wanting a custom security camera

Usage tips

  • Board cameras have a variety of uses, depending on your wants and needs.  In most cases, though, they are mounted in order to work as spy or hidden cameras.  As long as you know exactly what to do with a board camera, you'll be able to choose one (or a few) that has the features that will work best for you
  • The most basic thing you should consider regarding a board camera or any camera for that matter is the lens.  The lens is pre-mounted on a board camera and the iris is usually fixed.  That means you cannot zoom in or out without an additional device or accessory.  Lenses can also be pinhole type or full
  • Pinholes, like their name suggests, are small lenses and are perfect for use as spy cameras.  You can mount these on a table clock, a lamp, a baseball cap or even a teddy bear.  Full lenses are bigger and will work well on dome or mini cameras to complete your surveillance system
  • If you plan to use a pinhole cameras board camera for surveillance, you have an option as to whether you prefer to view activities in black and white or color.  There are also lenses that afford you low-light viewing, usually indicated as a low Lux count.  A good Lux count would be at least 0.05, although there are others that can go as low as 0.0003.  The low number means that the board camera lens will still work in near total darkness.  Resolution is also a key feature to look into when considering board camera usage.  Videos of activities are much easier to view if the images are crisp and sharp

Package Included:

  • 1 x 1/3 SONY B/W 480TVL Camera Main Board