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Fusionsea 1/3inch SONY CCD 480 TV Lines IP Network Camera SIPC0021


The IR IP mini dome are based on MPEG4 criterion, which adopt Linux operating system , ARM9 processor and adopting 12 Φ5 12u ,A grade lens, mainboard 38*38(double board), supporting MPEG-4 decode mode. The products have the multi-flexible function se...
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  • Image Device: 1/3 SONY CCD
  • Horizontal Resolution: 480 TV Lines
  • Video Compression Mode: MPEG4
  • Image Distinguish Rate: PAL:720 x 576/704 x 288/ 352 x 288/176 x 144; NTSC:720 x 480/704 x 240/ 352 x 240/176 x 144
  • Image Transport Rate: 32kbps~4000kbps
  • Signal Transport: Ethernet transporting video and control signal simultaneity
  • Supporting Network Protocol: RTP,RTCP,UDP,TCP,IP,HTTP, IGMP,ICMP,ARP,SNMP
  • Video Transport Frame Rate: PAL:1/16-25 f/s; NTSC:1/16-30f/s
  • Maximal Lever Revolving Angle: 355º
  • Minimal Revolving Angle: 20º
  • Vertical Revolving Angle: 0º-90º
  • Rotate Speed: About 20º/S Lever, 30º/S Vertical
  • Maximal Load: 0.5KG
  • Basic Function: Up, down, left, right, autorotation
  • Interface Standard: 10baseT Ethernet/100baseTXFast Ethernet
  • Connecting Interface: RJ-45
  • RS-485 Output Signal Character Output Voltage: VOH ≥ 3.0V;VOL ≤ 0.8V/
  • Output Current: ≥1uA
  • Input Signal Character Input Voltage: VOH≤ 0.5V;VOL ≥ -0.5V
  • Input Resistance: RL ≥ 10KΩ
  • Transport Rate: 1200bps~115200 bps
  • Power Indoor: 12VDC,10W
  • Temperature Range: -10ºC~50ºC
  • Invariableness Humidity: ≤90ºC
  • Power Supply: DC12V


  • Based on Linux operating system and ARM9 processor,ascendant capability,system safety and stabilization
  • Adopting standard MPEG4 arithmetic,easy to communicate other standardization products
  • Video image clear and stable,supporting multi-view standard D1/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
  • The function of password protect can prevent lawless visit and operation
  • Whole device consumes little, heat lower
  • Outside alarm/on-off input interface and one alarm/on-off output interface
  • Built-in WEB server,visit directly via web view
  • Flexible linkage mechanism,used to set record ,alarm and control
  • Supporting mobile telephone and PDA view
  • Supporting bidirectional sound
  • Installing mode: wall install
  • With 485 interface to control exterior cradle head and other devices
  • View ,management and record via the Realeye software exploited by our company
  • Supporting network remote controlling cradle head , small bulk, high integration degree
  • The maximal lever revolving angle: 355º; the minimal revolving angle: 20º; vertical revolving angle: 0º-90º; rotate speed: about 20º/S lever, 30º/S vertical; the maximal load:0.5KG(can install diversified lens whose maximal length less than 450mm and 32/38 single/double board);the basic function: up, down, left, right, autorotation


Fusionsea 1/3inch SONY CCD 480 TV Lines IP Network Camera SIPC0021

How to Set Up IP Security Cameras:

  • Mount the camera (screw it in place or use the attachment that came in the box) in a location close to a power outlet
  • Install a network cable to the location of your mounted camera. One end of the network cable is plugged into a port on the back of the wireless router
  • Plug the network cable into the camera and insert the power cable prong into the outlet
  • Insert the CD that came bundled with your camera and install the security camera software and driver. This software suite is the central hub on the camera's viewing and recording. You will have access to numerous controls and features

What is an IP camera?

Filed under IP Camera Basics:

  • IP cameras are known by many different names such as IP camera, network camera, IP network camera, Internet camera, network webcam, and so on but they all refer to the same item: An IP video device which which can deliver live images over IP-based networks such as a Local Area Network (LAN) or the Internet

Stand-alone device:

  • The IP camera is a stand-alone network device which can operate without the support of a PC. This means the camera does not rely on software from a PC to help it produce images in the same way a USB web cam would, but instead the IP camera can be connected to a local network based in any home or business and deliver images to any connected PC be it at the same location or half-way round the world across the internet. IP cameras come with a wide variety of features such as fixed lenses, pan-tilt-zoom control, endless 360 degree panning, indoor or outdoor use, 2-way audio, infrared illumination, intelligent video analytics etc. There's always a camera to suit your needs.

Benefits of IP video:

  • Flexible and powerful, IP video provides many advanced features not found in traditional analog CCTV systems making it ideal for video survelliance, monitoring and recording. Examples of advanced features include remote access from anywhere in the world, motion/audio detection, object detection, people counting, image upload by FTP, alarm notifications by email or SMS text messaging, true digital recording to dedicated recording devices or to hard disks on local PCs or across the Internet, and many more features which enhances the level of protection you can offer your property or business and its personel
  • Many IP cameras also now include Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology which allows the camera to be powered using the same Ethernet cable as the data. This simplifies installation and allows a camera to be placed at a location where there is no convential means of power

Package Included:

  • 1 x IP Network Camera
  • 1 x User Menual