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1/3" SONY Color CCD 480TVL 0.5Lux CCTV Wired Digital Bullet Camera CM-2210CHP1


High quality 1/3 inch SONY chip, 480TV lines, digital bullet style security CCTV wired CCD color camera with 3.6mm Lens, 0.5Lux illumination sensitivity, 1Vp-p 75oms video output, adjustable camera bracket, security CCTV wired camera system. This hig...
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  • Signal Format: PAL/NTSC
  • Image Sensor: 1/3 Inch SONY CCD
  • Effective Pixels: 768(H) x 494(V)-NTSC 752(H) x 582(V)-PAL
  • Scanning System: NTSC: 525Lines, 60Field/Sec PAL: 625Lines, 50Field/Sec
  • Sync System: Internal Synchronization
  • Resolution: 480TV Lines
  • S/N Ratio: More than 46DB (AGC off)
  • Gamma Characteristic: 0.45
  • Illumination Sensitivity: 0.5Lux, 0.01lux (Ex-view CCD)@F:2.0 (D: 0.5lux, N: 0.05lux
  • Gain Control: Auto
  • B.L.C.: Auto
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Electronic Shutter Speed: NTSC: 1/60-1/100,000Sec, PAL:1/50-1/100,000Second, Auto
  • Video Output: 1Vp-p 75OMS, Negative
  • Lens Type: 3.7mm Flat Pinhole Lens
  • Power Supply: DC12V±10%
  • Current Consumption: 130mA±10%
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C~+50°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C~+60°C



  • Easily hidden for covert monitoring or can be mounted prominently on a wall


  •  You can rest assured you'll get crystal clear images


  • A great tool for anyone with amateur or professional spying needs

What are the recommended camera placements to capture the most relevant shots?

  • Never angle a camera to look straight down. A camera that's pointed straight down will only catch the top of a perpetrator's head. The camera will most likely miss many of the distinguishing characteristics that can be used to identify a person later if necessary
  • Always make sure to have a camera facing all entrances It is a fact, that the best time to catch the facial features of an individual is during their entrance into the building, whether it is your home or your business. Other cameras can catch the act of someone in the act of stealing; however, without the critical entry-shot you may not be able to identify the individual
  • Never allow direct sunlight to touch the lens of the camera. Regardless of which cameras you use, make sure that the cameras are never mounted in such a way that sunlight will directly shine into the lens. This will cause the Image sensor to discolor and fail. Direct sunlight will also immediately void any warranty
  • Mount I/R Cameras within 20 ft. of subject being viewed.  Infrared bulbs emit an invisible light spectrum that will illuminate a subject even in complete darkness...however, the light will only project out 20-40 ft. to illuminate the target
  • Always plug cameras into a surge suppressor or Battery Back-up unit. Cameras are extremely sensitive to voltage changes and can fail prematurely. Voltage changes will also void the cameras warranty


  • Any changes of modifications in construction of this device which are not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment
  • A regulated DC 12V 300mA power supply is recommended for use with this camera for the best picture and the most stable operation
  • An unregulated power supply can cause damage to the camera. When unregulated power supply is applied, product warranty will be out of subject
  • It is recommended that the camera is used with a monitor that has a CCTV quality 75 Video impedance level. If your monitor is switched to high impedance then please adjust accordingly. If the monitor does not have the impedance adjust switch, please ask us for a camera suitable for your monitor
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the camera to gain access to the internal components. Refer servicing to qualified service personal
  • Never face the camera towards the sun or spot light or light reflecting objects. Any bright light may cause smear on the picture and possible damage to the CCD
  • Except the weather-proof camera, do not expose the camera to rain or moisture. Do not try to operate the camera in wet area. Moisture can damage the camera and can create the danger of electric shock
  • Do not remove the serial sticker for the warranty service

Package Included:

  • 1 x 1/3 Inch SONY Chip, Digital Bullet, Security CCTV Wired Color CCD Camera
  • 1 x Adjustable Camera Bracket