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Camean CCTV 1/3" Color CCD 380TVL 7" TFT Monitor Underwater Camera System GW112A


Do you want a camera which can be used underwater and have a long lifetime? This Underwater Camera must be a good product which can meet your needs. Newest 1/3inch color CCD, 380 TV lines, 6mm, underwater camera system with 7inch TFT screen and two c...
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  • Picture Tube: 7"TFT screen
  • Power input: DC12V
  • Camera's chip: 1/3"color CCD
  • Camera's Lens: 6mm


  • Two camera signal input
  • High Resolution 380 TV Lines
  • Waterproof Camera 18 Meters Cable (cable available: 18-60 meters)
  • Long Operation Rechargeable Battery
  • Packing with suitcase, very convenience for carrying
  • Special design for easy use
  • This item usually used for fishing, diving, Swimming


Camean CCTV 1/3

  • This is a 1/3 Inch Color CCD 380TVL 7 Inch TFT Underwater Camera System

How to Clean an Underwater Camera:

  • As you learn how to clean an underwater camera, make sure to inspect all cover doors regularly, including the ones for the battery and USB port. These should be free from debris and anything else which may allow water to leak into the underwater camera
  • Remove any dirt or debris with a soft, lint free cloth. Take care to also remove any drops of water with the same type of cloth. This should be done both before and after each use
  • Inspect visually all waterproof casings and seals, to make sure that there are no cracks or tears. Make sure that all doors close properly, and that the camera is not damaged in any way. If there is visible damage, do not use the camera underwater until the casings are replaced
  • Fill the bucket with fresh water, making sure that it is free from any salt or other chemicals, as this could cause damage to the camera
  • Close all doors on the camera, making sure that it is securely sealed. Immerse it into the bucket, with the lens facing downwards
  • Open and close the lens cover a number of times, this is usually done by pressing the power button. This will make sure that any dirt or other obstructions are removed, preventing the lens cover from becoming stuck or damaged
  • Remove the underwater camera from the bucket of water and gently shake off any excess liquid. Dry it using a clean cloth, then leave to air dry with all of the doors open. Now you know how to clean an underwater camera

Tips & Warnings:

  • It is recommended that the waterproofing seals on any underwater camera are checked, and usually replaced, every year. This helps to maintain the waterproof feature and reduce risk of damage
  • Do not use any cleaning chemicals on your camera, as this could compromise the waterproofing features. Make sure that the water which you use is clean and fresh, free from salt and other substances. Make sure that you do not pour cold water directly onto it; it is safer to gently immerse into a bucket
  • Avoid leaving your underwater camera in water for prolonged periods of time, as this also deteriorates both the appearance of the camera, and its waterproofing abilities

Package Included:

  • 1 x Underwater Camera System