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1/4" SHARP CCD Color 420TVL 1Lux/F1.2 Wired Camera ES808CCD


Brand New 1/4 inch SHARP Chip, 420 TV Line, CCTV Security Wired CCD Vidicon Color Camera. It is really a great choice for you! It is very easy to apply. High quality clear and sharp picture is available with this camera. No hesitation to try it!
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  • Camera Apparatus: 1/4 inch SHARP CCD
  • System: PAL / CCIR; NTSC / EIA
  • Validity Pixel: PAL: 628 x 582; NTSC: 510 x 492
  • Picture Area: PAL: 5.78 x 4.19mm; NTSC: 4.69 x 3.45mm
  • Horizontal Definition: 420line
  • Minimum Illumination: 1LUX / F1.2
  • Scan Frequency: PAL / CCIR:50HZ NTSC / EIA:60HZ
  • Sensitivity: +18DB -AGL ON-OFF
  • Voltage: DC -12V
  • Current: 500mA
  • Power Consumption: <=640MW



How to Install a Wired Surveillance System:

  • Determine where you want the camera to point. Wired systems are commonly used with just one camera. Choose a high position for a perspective of the entire room
  • Consider installing a camera at your front door to see who is knocking without having to look through the peephole. Door surveillance is particularly useful in large homes and for people with mobility issues. Combine the system with an intercom for added convenience
  • Plug the cables into the recording device. You can use a dedicated DVR, a VCR or a computer to record the images from the camera
  • Run the cable (most wired surveillance systems use one cable for both power and signal) to your surveillance camera. Wires can be concealed beneath rugs or carpeting, within walls and behind furniture
  • Mount the camera. Cameras can be mounted on the walls or on the ceiling. It's usually as simple as drilling two holes and screwing in the camera mount
  • Test the line of sight and adjust the camera. Ask another person to watch the live broadcast from the camera as you adjust it to monitor some target. Lock the camera in position when you have it adjusted properly
  • Program when you want your recording device to record. Most computer-controlled surveillance systems allow you to either schedule a recording session or set the system to motion detection. The second alternative only records when motion is present in camera's line of sight

Notes on Installation and Usage:

  • Users should not disassemble the camera from the front direction
  • Always handle the camera with care. Please do not apply a shock or vibration as much as possible and take cautions not to cause damage or make a scratch on the camera due to careless storage
  • Please do not install the camera with the rainy place or high humid areas. And do not operate the camera in the wet place
  • Do not clean the camera body with the strong abrasives or soaps. When the camera becomes dirty. Clean it with the dry rugs. Especially make sure to use dedicated rugs for lens to clean the dome cover
  • Please select the camera in the cool are that is not exposed to the direct sunlight. If you do it can cause bad effects on the product

Package Included:

  • 1 x 1/4 Inch SHARP Chip 420 TV Line Security CCTV Wired CCD Vidicon Color Camera