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10-200mm Security Camera Electric Motor TV Zoom Lens SSL10200M


The security camera electric zoom lens ensures fast accurate focusing. The amazing vibration compensation feature allows this Security Camera Electric Motor TV Zoom Lens to deliver sharp images even when hand held in low light conditions. 10-200mm Se...
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  • Image Format: 1/3"
  • Mount: CS
  • Focal Length: 10-200mm / 0.39-7.87in
  • Aperture: 1.4
  • Manipulation Focus: Manual
  • Manipulation Aperture: Fixed
  • Size: 65 x 175mm / 2.56 x 6.89in(Dia. x H)
  • The Electric zoom lens has a standard CS mount
  • Can be used in airports, banks, casinos, business, homes, etc.
  • Provides ultra clear vision for your camera
  • Vivid color image and high resolution


10-200mm Security Camera Electric Motor TV Zoom Lens SSL10200M

  • The security camera electric zoom lens ensures fast accurate focusing

How to Clean Digital Camera Lenses:

  • Sharp pictures from a digital camera depend on a spotless lens. All digital camera lenses are made of precision-ground glass with a protective coating over the surface. But that coating can still get dirty, and it will not stop grains of sand or grit from scratching the glass unless you take care to clean the lens properly
  • Inspect the lens surface for fingerprints, grime, dirt and grit or sand. Turning the lens at an angle to reflect the light will help you spot grime that might not immediately be visible
  • 2Blow any particles, such as sand or grit, gently off the lens with the compressed air before attempting to wipe it. Rubbing a lens with grit is an invitation to disaster, as the lens is likely to become scratched and ruined
  • 3Pour a small amount of lens-cleaning solution on a lens paper or clean, lint-free cloth, and gently wipe the surface of the lens in a circular motion.
  • 4Allow the cleaning solution to evaporate, rather than attempting to dry the lens by continuing to wipe it. This minimizes the risk of scratching

How to Choose the Right Camera Lens:

  • Choose a subject to photograph
  • Opt for a telephoto lens (a lens with a focal length greater than 55 mm) to bring your subject closer.
  • Select a wide-angle lens (a lens with a focal length of less than 40 mm) to broaden the scope of your photograph
  • Use a regular lens (a lens with a focal length of 40 mm to 55 mm) for most situations, because it offers the maximum aperture range, which allows you to photograph under a wider variety of lighting conditions
  • Go for a zoom lens (a lens without a set focal length) to reduce expense and increase flexibility because it lets you shoot across a wide range of focal lengths from wide-angle to telephoto using one lens

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Zoom Lens