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100M 0.26mm Super Nylon Fiber Fishing Spool Line Size 2.5 5.7Kg


100M 0.26mm Dia. Super Monofilament Fishing Line NO.2.5 makes you life full of poetic sentiment. It is made of durable material and it makes you hook more fish. You can roll the line up when you do not use it. Quite easy to carry.
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  • This is suitable for set lines, camping string, mason line, garden string, kite string, net weaving, or many other uses
  • Trully a trustable companion for your fishing leisure time
  • Strong anti-abrasion and durable, the fishing line spool is fitted for saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing
  • Smooth surface and very thin diameter allows for longer casting
  • Color: Pale Green
  • Size: 100m / 3937.0in(L); 0.26mm(Dia.)
  • Lb Test: 12.6lb / 5.7kg


100M 0.26mm Super Nylon Fiber Fishing Spool Line Size 2.5 5.7Kg 

  • Strong anti-abrasion and durable 

100M 0.26mm Super Nylon Fiber Fishing Spool Line Size 2.5 5.7Kg

  • Smooth surface and very thin diameter

How to Spool Fishing Line on a Reel:

  • Remove the old fishing line from the reel. Release 10 to 12 feet of line from the new spool of fishing line. Guide the new line through all of the eyelets on the rod
  • Attach the new line to the reel spool with a uni-knot. For a revolving-spool reel, pass the end of the line around the spool and tie a two- to three-turn uni-knot. Tighten snugly against the spool and trim the tag end even with the knot
  • Attach the line to a spinning reel by first tying a two- to three-turn uni-knot with a large enough loop to fit over the spool. Pass the loop over the end of the spool and pull on the standing line until the knot slides up tight against the spool. Trim the tag end flush with the knot
  • Install line on a revolving-spool reel by inserting a pencil through the new spool of line. Have someone hold the spool by the pencil. The pencil acts like an axle so the new line will deploy smoothly. Grasp the rod in your left hand and grab the line with your thumb and index finger
  • Reel with the right hand and adjust the line tension by varying the amount of pressure you exert with the fingers of your left hand. Continue reeling until the spool is full. Cut the line and tie on a lure or hook
  • Install the line on a spinning reel by grasping the rod and line in your left hand as in Step 4. Turn the spinning reel handle and see which way the spool rotates. If the reel rotates counterclockwise, the new line needs to come off its spool in a clockwise direction. Reverse for a reel that rotates in a clockwise direction

Package Included:

  • 1 x 100m 12.6lb x 0.26mm Super Nylon Fiber Fishing Spool Line