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2.4GHz Four Channel Frequency Manual Auto Receiver Kit ESRC310A


When it is difficult to run a cable to transmit video signals of the camera to the monitor, you might want to consider Wireless Video Receiver. But, the wireless signal may be attenuated or blocked by heavy metal walls, high voltage power lines,...
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  • High Receiving Sensitivity: -85dB
  • Receive Signal: 2.4G
  • Frequency Control: Locked frequency
  • Receive Signal: Picture, sound
  • Cameras for Choosing: Locked frequency 2.4G(A)
  • Power Supply: DC12V, 500mA


  • 2.4 ghz wireless receiver is suitable for monitor, supervision, investigation, obtaining evidence, installation, commissioning and other professional usages, and can meet high-level professional safety demands
  • Wireless video receiver is attractive for powerful function, simple operation, small volume, wireless signal transmission
  • This audio video receiver can be matched with minitype colorful wireless camera for hidden usages. Its signal can penetrate wall and realize synchronization of picture and sound at the site
  • The audio video receiver can be used in the same channel, or one to several usage in the same channel (that is, one transmitter sends signals, several receivers receive signals, the receipt is synchronous and accurate, equivalent to wire video distributing machine) or several to several usage (that is, each transmitter takes a channel, slightly adjusting frequency of receiver to select video and audio transmission of another channel, without mutual disturbance)
  • This audio video receiver will be your best choice


2.4GHz Four Channel Frequency Manual Auto Receiver Kit ESRC310A

2.4GHz Four Channel Frequency Manual Auto Receiver Kit ESRC310A

  • Operates on different channels to avoid interference with other flash triggers and wireless signals

 2.4GHz Four Channel Frequency Manual Auto Receiver Kit ESRC310A

  • the receiver attaches to nearly any standard flash unit via the hot shoe (or via the included PC sync cord, which can also be used with studio lighting)

2.4GHz Four Channel Frequency Manual Auto Receiver Kit ESRC310A

  • It is capable of receiving distant signals high fidelity signals. Cable is made of high quality material that ensures durability

How to Create a Wireless Receiver:

  • Poke two holes close to each other at about 1/2 inch from the open end of your empty cylindrical cereal container. Thread your plastic insulated wire into one hole and out of the other. Tape the short end of the wire to the cereal box to prevent slipping
  • Wrap the wire around the container five times. Remove the insulation off a 1-inch span of the wire and twist the cable into a loop. This is called making a tap. Wrap your cable another five times and make another tap. Repeat until you have 40 turns and eight taps
  • Poke another two holes at the bottom of the container, and thread your cable as you did in step 1. Cut the cable while allowing for two feet of wire to make connections
  • Stretch out a span of 100 feet or more of plastic insulated wire between two insulators (two blocks of cork or tubes of plastic will do) as high as possible off the ground. Be careful the span between the two insulators does not hit any objects, such as electrical wires or trees, because it could ground your antenna. Grounding your antenna with a tree would just spoil your receiver's reception quality, and electric wires could kill you
  • Connect your antenna to the section of cable you taped to the container in step 1. Set out three Fahnestock clips and connect them together with the 2-foot cable from step 3. Connect your 47K ohm resister between the second and third clip. Ground your first clip by connecting it to a water pipe or metal bar buried at least two feet into the ground
  • Connect your second and third clip to a ceramic earphone, which is used to hear the wireless radio transmissions. Connect your third clip to your Germanium diode and the diode to an alligator clip. Connect the alligator clip to one of the middle taps on your container. Pick up your ceramic earphone; you should be able to hear wireless transmissions. You can tune your receiver by connecting the alligator clip to different taps

Package Included:

  • 1 x 2.4G 4 Channel Frequency Manual & Auto Receiver 
  • 1 x AV Cable