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Dorean 2 Core Low Temperature Electric Bolt Lock 12V WK-C2100


A 2-core Low Temperature Electric Bolt Lock. Power-down unlocking. A high quality item guaranteeing the safety of your house. Easy to use. A durable item. The photoelectricity controls technology, prevent the trouble of the machinery. Low temperature...
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  • Timelag: No
  • Voltage: DC12V
  • Current: 900mA/200mA
  • Status Indicator Light: No
  • Lock Status Feedback: No
  • Door Status Feedback: No
  • Safety Type: Power-down unlocking
  • Size: 200 x 34 x 43mm/7.87 x 1.34 x 1.69in


Dorean 2 Core Low Temperature Electric Bolt Lock 12V WK-C2100

  • Low temperature electric bolt lock

Dorean 2 Core Low Temperature Electric Bolt Lock 12V WK-C2100

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Dorean 2 Core Low Temperature Electric Bolt Lock 12V WK-C2100

  • Mounting hole

About Electric Bolt Locks:


  • Electric locks are a locking device different from other locks. A deadbolt can only be opened when the lock cylinder is rotated. Spring bolt locks utilize a spring to maintain the bolt in position. When force is applied to this type of lock, it retracts and can possibly be opened. A deadbolt lock will provide added security to a door. It is frequently used along with a spring bolt lock for extra protection.


  • Deadbolt locks are used to lock doors. They are used when additional reinforcement is desired. Deadbolts are most often found on entry doors, but can be installed on interior ones also. It can be installed in replacement of another lock or added to it. They must be put in correctly to work properly. A professional can accomplish this or you can do it yourself with a few tools.


  • Deadbolt locks are available in two customary types: single and double cylinder. The single cylinder type uses a key on one side of it and a turning knob on the other. A double cylinder deadbolt uses a key on both sides. You can also obtain vertical deadbolt locks that are installed above doors to prevent the door from being forced open. Additional types existing are push-button, exit only and classroom function. There are deadbolt locks that can be opened with your fingerprint in place of a key


  • When you are considering what type of deadbolt lock to purchase, think about the door and the surrounding area. You should not use single cylinder deadbolts for doors with glass in them or close by them. If the glass is broken, someone could reach inside and open the deadbolt. A double cylinder will prevent this


  • A drawback of a double cylinder type of lock is if there is an emergency and the occupants could not get out of the building. This could be deadly in certain circumstances. The key for the deadbolt should always be within reach of the occupants, but out of reach for anyone else

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Bolt Lock