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Traditional Chinese Beijing Opera Mask Bookmarks 2 Pcs


Do you want some book markers to help you to record where you were when you stop reading? Are you looking for a kind of elegant and well manufactured book markers to company you or your beloved ones to enjoy the fun of reading books? If any answer to...
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  • Featured with Beijing opera masks, these metal bookmarks are stylish and elegant
  • The mask part of these book markers is made of cloisonne which is a combination of the use of enamel and metal, showing your quality of life
  • Metal part of these personalized bookmarks is polished, glossy and shining
  • Painting of the metal bookmarks will never fade away
  • With these traditional Chinese Beijing opera mask bookmarks, you can surprise anyone who is interested in Chinese culture
  • These personalized bookmarks are easy to use and show your special personal taste vividly
  • Material: Cloisonne & Metal
  • Package Size: 16 × 6 × 3cm(L x W x H)


Traditional Chinese Beijing Opera Mask Bookmarks 2 Pcs

  • These mask book markers made of cloisonne and metal are popular with those who love reading and pay much attention to their quality of life

Traditional Chinese Beijing Opera Mask Bookmarks 2 Pcs

  • Made of special and good metal, these book markers are shining and durable for long time using

Traditional Chinese Beijing Opera Mask Bookmarks 2 Pcs

  • Beautiful masks of these personalized bookmarks are full of classic and traditional Chinese feeling

Traditional Chinese Beijing Opera Mask Bookmarks 2 Pcs 

  • Painting on the masks of these metal bookmarks will never fade away

Traditional Chinese Beijing Opera Mask Bookmarks 2 Pcs

  • These Beijing opera mask book markers are good gifts for those who are very interested in Chinese culture

About Metal Polish:

Traditional Chinese Beijing Opera Mask Bookmarks 2 Pcs

Various metal polishes are used on different surfaces to bring out the luster and shine the piece had in its original state. Look for polishes that are intended for a specific type of metal to avoid damage to the surface. Some metal polishes contain chemicals that can be harmful to certain metals, whereas other polishes are ineffective when used on metals other than those for which they were intended. Read the labels prior to applying metal polish to any surface, and take advantage of tips and tactics proven to speed up the process and provide the best results


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How to Print a Book Marker:

Traditional Chinese Beijing Opera Mask Bookmarks 2 Pcs

The advent of the e-book created a debate over the relevance of the digital word vs. the printed word. E-books have advantages over the printed word, but many readers still prefer traditional printed books. This means book markers are still needed. A quick online search will show numerous fun and personalized book markers ready to print. A simple method lets you print out your favorites in a short amount of time


  • Printing JPG Book Markers
  • Find the bookmark you'd like to use and save it to your computer by right-clicking and selecting "save image as". Tip Junkie, Activity Village and Blue Mountain all have free bookmarks you can print (see Resources)
  • Open the bookmark. Do this by opening Microsoft Word and clicking on the "insert" tab and selecting "picture." Scroll down until you find the bookmark and double-click on it
  • Insert your cardstock into the printer
  • Go to the Word document and click "file" and "print."
  • Cut along the guide lines of the book marker
  • For PDF Book Markers
  • Open the PDF file of the book marker
  • Insert your card stock into the printer
  • Click on the "print" symbol on the top left-hand corner of the PDF page
  • Cut along the guide lines of the book marker

Package Included:

  • 2 x Chinese Cloisonne Beijing Opera Masks Bookmark