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Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs


Decorate your rear mirror with this charming LED signal light! Easy to install LED signal light make your drive safer!The LED car lamp is installed in electricity system and very practical as Turn Lights. When you turn right or left, brake, spee...
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  • LED car lamp makes your car stand out from crowd when you driving your car
  • Soft flexible LED car lamp is perfect for curved mirror surfaces
  • LED car lamp is easy to assemble and long-lasting for your car
  • Low energy of the turn signal lamp doesn't zap your power supply 
  • LED turn light is heatproof and waterproof, simple to install and easy to operate
  • Power: DC12V
  • LED Color: Red
  • LED Number: 27


Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs

  • This 27 SMD T25 5050 auto car side direction car turn light is good in material

Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs

Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs

  • This car direction light is the one of the best gift to your friends

Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs

  • The high quality car turn light has an exquisite workmanship and design

Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs

Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs

  • Ultra durable characters of this turn indicator light will not affect your car's appearance

Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs

  • You can image the size of the side turn light according to the coin

How Does a Car's Turn Signal Work:

Rgyrid 27 SMD T25 5050 Auto Car LED Turn Lights 2Pcs

How Do Turn Signals Work

  • Turn signals signal the driver's intention to turn. This is a simple concept, but it saves people from getting in accidents. When a driver plans to make a turn, comes to a stop sign or red light, or plans to change lanes, he signals by flipping his turn signal on. This causes a light on the back of the car, and sometimes on the side mirror, to flash. The cars around him can see which direction the car is planning to go. If not for the turn signal, the car behind the driver could get into the lane the driver is merging into, causing an accident

What are the Mechanics Behind Turn Signals

  • Turn signals have their own system in your car. The steering shaft is the part behind your steering wheel that turns as you turn the wheel. A hub is attached to the steering shaft and has grooves in it. When you push on your turn signal, the light in the back of your car starts to blink. As your turn the wheel, it lets the turn signal lever slip over the grooves. Once you turn the wheel the opposite direction, it pushes the lever off and a spring pushes it back to its original position. Once the spring has pushed the lever back, the turn signal goes off. This is why sometimes your turn signal will go off before you complete your turn if you turn the wheel in the opposite direction

How Do Car Mirror Turn Signals Work

  • Newer model cars have a feature in them to allow their side mirrors to be used as a turn signal. Their back turn signal still works, but an arrow also appears and flashes in the mirror corresponding with the direction they want to turn. LED lights are arranged in the shape of an arrow behind the glass of the side mirrors. They work the same as the turn signals on the back of the car. The lever turns both signals on, and when the wheel turns in the opposite direction, the lever is switched off. It returns back to its original position and the turn signal lights go off

How to Change Light Bulbs in a Car:

Changing a light bulb in your automobile is a straightforward and simple task. Whether it's a headlight or fog light, the process is much the same. In most cases, you just remove a plastic covering behind the light assembly, remove the old bulb and insert the new one

  • Open and prop up the hood or trunk, depending on the location of the bulb. Look behind the burned out light from inside the car and locate the light assembly
  • Access the light bulb. Depending on the make and model of the automobile there may be a plastic cover on the rear of the assembly. If so, use the appropriate screwdriver and remove the cover. Some automobiles also will have a back plate, which contains the light assembly wires. This will be held on with clips. Undo the clips and push the wires to the side. The bulb should now be visible
  • Remove the old bulb. Turn the old bulb to the left by hand slowly. Do not break bulb, as you will need it as a model to purchase a new one from a local auto parts store. If it does break, write down the make, model and year of your automobile and ask the clerk for assistance
  • Insert new bulb. Turn bulb to the right and screw it in tightly. Turn lights on to test
  • Reattach the back plate and plastic cover if these are present. Close hood or trunk

Package Included:

  • 2 x Car Turn Turning Lamps