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Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable


If you want to have a super home theater! You cannot miss the AV cable. With this cheap AV cable, you will have much more fun than before!This AV cable is well made of high quality material which can let you use for quite a long time! This computer c...
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  • The AV cable provides video and audio output for viewing video and photo slide show with music on TVs
  • Provide you with much clearer image than the common AV cables
  • High speed of transmission of this kind of computer cable
  • Easy to plug the cheap cable in your electronic equipments
  • The length of this AV cable is long enough for you to connect it with your electronic equipments 
  • This is NON-OEM product
  • Connector Diameter: 3.5mm/0.1in


Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable

  • Well made of high quality of material, this cable can be used for quite a long time

Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable

  • It is quite easy for you to plug this connector in your electronic equipments

Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable

  • You can see that the three connectors are in different colors

Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable

Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable

  • The diameter of this connector is 0.1in which fits most of the electronic equipments

Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable

Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable

  • This cheap AV cable will be a good helper in your daily life

How to Connect AV Cables to a Laptop:

  • Look in your laptop computer's instruction manual for a complete list of the various A/V inputs that are present. Inside the manual will be a diagram of the back panel of your laptop computer. This diagram will point out what each input on the unit does, including the A/V inputs
  • Look at the manual that came with your external device to see what type of A/V cables it uses. Inside the manual for your device will be a list of everything that came packaged in the box. This will include the name of the A/V cable that came with it. Look at this name and then compare it with the list for your laptop to see if your computer supports that type of connection
  • Plug in your A/V cables into your laptop, paying close attention to the color on the cable. Most audio/video cables are color coded, making it easier to use them. The red cable, for example, will always plug into the red input on your laptop computer
  • Pay attention to the shape of an input. Certain types of A/V cables, like HDMI cables for example, are uniformly black in color. If there is no distinguishing color to the cable, pay attention to the shape of the plug on its end. Match it up with the same input on your laptop computer and then connect the A/V cable to that particular input

What Is an AV Cable?

Anpu 3.5mm DC to 3RCA AV Audio Video Cable

An AV cable is used to transmit an audio/visual signal. AV cables have been around as long as electronic home entertainment and they connect speakers to stereos, televisions to DVD players and computers to monitors.


  • Any kind of cable that connects one piece of audio/visual equipment to another is an AV cable. All home entertainment set-ups require some sort of audio/visual cable in order to operate

RCA cables

  • In the U.S., RCA cables were some of the most widely-used type of AV cable for years. The cable plugs were usually yellow, white and red, and each signified a specific use. Yellow for video, white for left-channel audio and red for right-channel audio

Coaxial Cables

  • Coaxial cable is another common type of AV cable. These cables transmit both audio and video, and are commonly used in the cable industry. They also used to be commonly used to connect video game systems and VCRs to televisions

HD Cables

  • Neither RCA nor coaxial cable offer full support for high-definition signals. Component cables, which are similar to RCA cables but have three ports for video instead of just one, are compatible with high-definition signals. They are becoming standard in many homes, as is another form of high-definition cable: HDMI

Computer AV cables

  • Any cable that transmits an audio/visual signal from a PC can also be considered an AV cable. This includes traditional VGA cables and newer DVI cables, which have enhanced support for high definitions signals

Package Included:

  • 1 x AV Cable