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Function Art Red Wine and Grape 3D Decorative Plate Home Decor


The Function Art Red Wine and Grape 3D Decorative Plate Home Decor with round ,lovely, simple, beautiful hand painted design. This decorative plate is truly a wonderful work of art! Hand finished to look stylish, this plate will look absolutely ...
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  • Decorative plate shows a different design and an beautiful red wine and grape scene
  • It's a great way to add a country accent to any room
  • Suitable for display on the desk or hang on the wall  
  • Decorative plates are painted with beautiful 3D patterns and then carefully the design is added
  • This item is intended for decorative purposes only
  • They make a perfect gift for ornaments lovers
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 21cm / 8.3in (Plate Dia.)


Function Art Red Wine and Grape 3D Decorative Plate Home Decor

  • The Decorative Plate makes a great house warming gift for that special friend or simply a wonderful contemporary home decor piece for your own home!This kind of Decorative Wall Plates are truly a wonderful work of art

Function Art Red Wine and Grape 3D Decorative Plate Home Decor

Function Art Red Wine and Grape 3D Decorative Plate Home Decor

Function Art Red Wine and Grape 3D Decorative Plate Home Decor

  • Hand finished to look stylish, this kind of Wall Decor Plates will look absolutely beautiful in your home. They make your house looks so beautiful and warming. A wonderful contemporary home decor for your own home. This Decorative Plate is easy to clean

Size in Detail:

Function Art Red Wine and Grape 3D Decorative Plate Home Decor

How to Display Decorative Plates:

Whether you've inherited an heirloom plate or simply want to showcase a set of vibrant, eclectic plates that you discovered at a flea market or antique store, choose the best method to display the treasures and keep the tableware safe from falls. Consider the decorating style of the room where you plan to put the spotlight on the plates and the tableware's worth when selecting the stand, rack, cabinet or wall mount to hold the items

  • Showcase a single, decorative plate on a wood, metal or acrylic plate stand. Simply situate the plate at a slight angle so it rests along the back of the stand and sits behind the protective "arms" that protrude from the bottom of the stand. Display single stands on a bookshelf, fireplace mantel or kitchen counter or line multiple plate stands along open shelving units
  • Install a plate rack that resembles a shallow bookshelf with thin guardrails to hold and display decorative plates. Use a pencil to mark the location of the unit's nail holes on the wall, and then use a screwdriver to drive wall anchors into the wall at each spot with screws. Hang the storage rack and slip the plates into position behind the guardrails
  • Turn decorative plates into wall art by using wall hangers to suspend the tableware. Situate the plate the way you want it to appear on the wall, and then use a ruler to take its vertical measurement. Buy a wall hanger that corresponds with that measurement and stretch the hanger's metal springs slightly to situate the hanger vertically behind the plate so it grasps each corner of the plate with a vinyl-covered prong. Attach the hanger's loop to the wall with a screw housed inside a plastic or metal wall anchor
  • Display decorative plates in a custom-designed shelving unit with narrow grooves carved into the surface of each shelf to grip the edge of the plates. This option is convenient if you plan to use the plates from time to time
  • Affix an heirloom plate inside a decorative shadow box or enclosed display case designed to hold the dimensional object. Secure the plate inside the box or case with double-sided foam tape before exhibiting the decoration on a bookshelf or entryway table, for example

How to Make a Decorative Plate:

  • Wash your plate thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. Dry completely
  • Place your plate face down on your wax paper to prevent any glue from getting on your work surface
  • Take the fabric of your choice and cut out an image to match your room. Animals and florals work wonderfully
  • Using your sponge brush, cover the entire back of your plate with Mod Podge glue. Apply an even layer including the edges
  • Place your fabric cut-outs face down into the glue. Smooth all the air bubbles out from underneath. If using fish, you may want to add fabric bubbles or if using flowers add some fabric leaf cut-outs. Be creative
  • Sprinkle a light layer of glitter over top of the fabric and glue. Use as much or as little as you like.
  • Take a sheet of tissue paper in your choice of color and crumple it into a ball. This adds wrinkles that will give your plate flair. Spread your tissue paper flat, and lay it over the back of your plate. Press down so that it covers the back without any air bubbles trapped underneath. If doing an underwater image, you might consider blue tissue paper. Dry completely
  • Once your glue is dry, you can handle your plate. If needed, apply a small amount of glue to the edges of the plate to secure the tissue paper in place. Carefully trim off the extra tissue paper around the edges. Your plate is complete

Package Included:

  • 1 x 3D Decorative Plate
  • 1 x Rack