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Fusionsea 3x 7" Color Monitors with 380TVL CMOS Night Vision Camera Video Door Phone System MLMN-1


Do you want to keep your house become much more convenient than before?If so, you'll be fond of this product. This Video Door Phone is a 3 x 7" Color Monitors with 380TVL CMOS Night Vision Camera Video Door Phone. The  Video Door phone, CMOS and...
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  • There are 6 LED lights on the Video Door Phone for nigh vision
  • This Video Door Phone is a hand free Video Door Phone system
  • Offer 7 inch TFT color image
  • Using this video door phone system, you can see the persons who are in front of your door
  • This Video Door Phone is a 3 x 7" Color Monitors with 380TVL CMOS Night Vision Camera  Door Phone
  • This  Video Door Phone system is waterproof and anti-oxygenation
  • Long grinded treatment for aluminum alloy panel of outdoor unit
  • The  Video Door phone, CMOS and 380 TV lines, 3 x 7" Color Monitors
  • The video door phone system has adjustable ring volume, picture brightness and call functions
  • Home video security system has adjustable ring volume, picture brightness, and call functions
  • video door phone system has power switcher and terminal unit, user can install by own
  • Displayer: 7" color
  • Display Type: TFT
  • Camera: CMOS, 380 TV lines
  • Connection: 4 cored wires (Up to 4 monitors)


Fusionsea 3x 7

Fusionsea 3x 7

  • It includes 7" Indoor Phones, Outdoor Unit, Power Adapter and User Manual

Fusionsea 3x 7

Fusionsea 3x 7

  • Made of high quality material panel and fashionable and luxury
  • You can see the guest from the monitor

Fusionsea 3x 7

  • You and your guest can hear each other by the product

Fusionsea 3x 7

  • Compact design and easy to install the video door phone system

Fusionsea 3x 7

  • With this product, easy to control the video door phone bell with the buttons
  • CMOS camera, 380 TV lines, 6 LED lights for night vision

Video Door Phone Security Essentials:

Fusionsea 3x 7

  • The external camera and speaker box should be 100% waterproof
  • The outdoor camera should come with an infrared illuminator. This feature enables you to identify visitors in poor light conditions
  • The external box and camera socket should be strong enough to resist vandalism. We consider a good case to be one that looks like it can survive a couple of baseball bat blows
  • When you buy the system make sure the box is made of thick and sturdy plastic that does not make squeaky noises when twisted
  • Make sure that there is a transparent plastic barrier protecting the camera lens. You do not want graffiti spray damaging the sensitive camera optics
  • Make sure the system allows audio communication as well, not all visual intercoms do
  • Ask about the total scope of the camera's vision. The wider the field of view, the more area will be under surveillance. Fish-eye lenses give 180 degrees of clear vision, thus giving you the maximum amount of information available. They function like a door viewer
  • Visual/non-visual compatible. Just in case the sensitive visual functions break down talk features should remain
  • An alarm that goes off once someone tries to interfere (i.e. vandalism) with the system is important. Do not buy a door phone without one
  • If you intend to install the system yourself make sure it's a DIY system with instructions. You wouldn't want to spend money on a technician
  • Make sure the system comes with multi-option installation brackets for mounting into a wall or for desktop use

How to Choose a Home Intercom System?

Fusionsea 3x 7

Home intercom systems are excellent to provide security to your home. They are also great to use for speaking to people in different parts of the house if you have a large home or multiple floors. However, choosing an intercom system for a home can be quite a process-there are literally hundreds available on the market

Create a Checklist of Features you want:

  • Determine how much money you want to spend on an intercom system for your home. Setting a budget from the start will help you avoid overspending at the store.
  • Choose the wiring system you want. Home intercom systems can be wired or wireless.
  • Choose either a video system or a voice-only system. Video intercom systems for your home are great at the front door or if you employ servants. Voice-only systems are less expensive and good for the average needs.
  • Decide how many lines you need. Do you want an intercom in every room or do you simply want a connection between two rooms

Shop for the Perfect System:

  • Check online for special deals. On the Internet, you can shop 24 hours a day and you can find cheaper prices
  • Meet with sales representatives. They can explain to you the different intercom systems that will work in your home
  • Ask about installation and warranty. When you choose an intercom system, you want to make sure that it will work in your home and that you'll have the support you need it something doesn't work properly

How to Use a Home Intercom System as Part of a Home Safety System?

Fusionsea 3x 7

You may choose to install an intercom system in your home for the convenience, but you'll probably use it for safety as well. Here's how to incorporate it within a home security system

  • Identify the rooms in your home that may pose a safety hazard. Consider bedrooms of the elderly frail, the ill and young children
  • Browse the intercom systems available on the market. New home construction offers the opportunity to install a hardwired, less expensive intercom system. The intercom systems are available for completed homes
  • Purchase and install the master station and substations
  • Teach everyone in the house how to use the intercom system. Consider a code word for emergencies
  • If your system is attached to a security door or gate outside your home, create a family password so that strangers aren't let in

Package Included:

  • 3 x 7" Indoor Phones
  • 1 x Outdoor Unit
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual