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4 Channels Motion Detection M-JPEG USB CCTV HDD DVR D3604


New powerful inbuilt real-time 4 channels motion detection HDD digital video recorder with PTZ, audio, alarm, USB backup, removable HDD rack, security CCTV DVR system. Supports Watermark Security Protection. Supports Network and RS485 Function. Backu...
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  • Compression Method: M-JPEG
  • Video Out: BNC x 2(COMPOSITE)
  • Video Input: BNC x 4(COMPOSITE)
  • Display Frame Rate: PAL: 25 x 4 =100fps; NTSC: 30 x 4 =120fps
  • Recording Frame Rate: PAL: up to 100fps; NTSC: up to 120fps
  • Display Resolution: PAL: 720 x 288; NTSC: 720 x 240
  • Record Resolution: PAL: 720 x 288 or 360 x 288; NTSC: 720 x240 or 360 x 240
  • Triplex: Live/PB, Recording During Playback
  • Sensor Input: 4CH Enable (NO/NC)
  • Alarm Out: 1CH (NO/NC, 2A 28VDC/2A 125VAC)
  • Audio Input: RCA x 4
  • Audio Output: 1 CH (200HZ--4KHZ)
  • Display Mode: QUAD, PIP, Zoom, Freeze
  • Recording Mode: Manual / Schedule / Alarm / Motion / Network
  • Motion Detect: Area Selection & 5 Level Sensitivity Control
  • Network Interface: RJ45; TCP/IP Protocol
  • PTZ Control: RS485 Interface
  • Update: USB
  • Power Supply: 12VDC/5A
  • Video Input/Output: BNC 4-ch Inputs/2-ch Outputs
  • Audio Input/Output: RCA 4-ch Inputs/1-ch Output
  • Compression: M-JPEG
  • Recording Frame Rate (Adjustable): (NTSC) Max. 120fps. (PAL) Max. 100fps
  • Operation System: Triplex
  • Display: Supports Zoom, Auto switch, PIP
  • Recording Methods: Supports Alarm (motion & event) Recording and Schedule Recording
  • Multifunction Search: Time, Segment and Event
  • Sensor & Alarm: 4 Sensor Inputs and 1 Relay Alarm Output
  • Supports Watermark Security Protection
  • Supports Network and RS485 Function
  • Backup or Update with Flash Disk via Built-In USB Port
  • Supports to Install Two Large-Capacity( up to 200GB) HDDs


4 Channels Motion Detection M-JPEG USB CCTV HDD DVR D3604

  • 4 Channels Motion Detection M-JPEG USB CCTV HDD DVR

4 Channels Motion Detection M-JPEG USB CCTV HDD DVR D3604

  • Back side of DVR

4 Channels Motion Detection M-JPEG USB CCTV HDD DVR D3604

  • Removable HDD rack

4 Channels Motion Detection M-JPEG USB CCTV HDD DVR D3604

  • Items included

How to Replace a DVR Hard Drive:

  • Disconnect your DVR by unplugging any cables connected to it, including the power cable. Remove the screws located on the back of the unit that hold the top cover in place. There are usually two to six of these screws, depending on the model of DVR. Lay these screws in a safe place where they won't get lost, and slide the cover off
  • Locate the hard drive. This is a rectangular metal unit that measures 3 1/2 inches wide. It is usually located away from the other hardware, often in its own bracket. There will be two to four screws holding it in place. Remove these, disconnect the cables connected to the drive, and slide it out of the system
  • Check the label of the drive to see if it is IDE or SATA. It will say which one of the two interfaces it uses. Any replacement desktop hard drive of the same interface type will work in your DVR. Avoid using a laptop drive, because they won't fit and aren't designed for the high-stress environment of video streaming
  • Place the new drive into the brackets, and replace the screws that were removed from the old one. Plug the data and power cables into this drive. They will insert the same way they came out of the old one. Once the drive has been installed, put the cover back on the DVR unit, and replace the screws. Hook the DVR back up to the television, and it will be ready to record

How to Copy From a DVR to an External Hard Drive:

  • Install video software on your computer. To properly process your data transfer, you need video software, which you can get from computer and electronics retailers or online. Simple, easy-to-use programs can be downloaded for free. Use reputable sites, such as CNET.com, to find some of the more reputable free programs. More advanced programs, with sophisticated editing capabilities, will usually only be available for purchase
  • Connect your computer and DVR. In order to copy programs to your external hard drive, you need to transfer them to your computer. For older systems, and especially for desktop computers, you will need to use use RCA connectors to connect the DVR to the computer. RCA connectors are color-coordinated audio-visual cables used to connect electronics components, such as stereos and receivers, and they can be used with some computers and DVRs as well. Plug the yellow ends of the cable into the video jacks on the machines, then plug the red and white ends into the audio jacks. If you have a newer system, use USB cables to connect the computer and DVR. With a TiVo DVR and a wireless home network, you can connect your components wirelessly if you download proprietary TiVo software
  • Transfer the program to your computer. Choose the program you wish to transfer from your DVR then press "Play" while pressing "Record" on your computer software program. The program should transfer in real-time. Monitor the recording and, when finished, check for quality
  • Copy the program to your external hard drive. Using the video software on your computer, select your external drive as the destination for your next copy. Select the copy you just made from the DVR and make another copy on your external hard drive. Again, monitor the transfer and check for quality when you are finished

Safety Precautions:

  • Your DVR applies DC 12V, 5A power supply, please use the power adaptor comes along with your DVR
  • When your DVR is not in use for a long time, please pull out the plug from the socket
  • Never cover the power adaptor with a quit, blanket, or other cover while it is in use, and do not use it near a heater
  • Your DVR is an indoor equipment, it had been rigorously tested in aging lab with high temperature for more than 48 hours
  • The range of operating temperature and humidity it abides is -5--50degree and 20--80% RH. In order to avoid danger of short circuit or electric shock, please check your DVR away from water or other Liquids and never let it get wet
  • If any water or liquids get into your DVR, please cut off the power supply immediately and contact your dealer or qualified technicians to check your DVR
  • Never attempt your own maintain
  • To avoid electrical shock, please cut off the power supply firstly if it is necessary to open the cover of DVR
  • When there is any malfunction with your DVR, please contact your dealer or ask qualified technicians for aid


  • Before operate the system, please carefully read the direction
  • Please pull out the AC plugs and cut the DC connection before doing operation to the case
  • It must conform product's final configuration to nation's applicable laws and legal norms

Package Included: 

  • 1 x Standalone DVR
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Alarm Commutator
  • 1 x CD-ROM DVR Client Software
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 1 x IR Remote Controller
  • 1 x AC Power Cord
  • 1 x DC 12 V/5A Power Adaptor