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Durable Torx Screwdriver Set WTS-510A 6 Pcs


The 6 PCS screwdriver set is applicable for repairing mp3, mp4, phones, it will help you to open the cover of them easily. Wonderful repair tool for remove or screw down screws. This lightweight and small screwdriver is necessary for you. Perfect for...
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  • Professional grade 6 pieces bits screwdriver set
  • There are T4, T5, T6h, T7h, T8h, PH00 screwdriver heads
  • Ergonomically designed, dual-material handles for lasting comfort and performance
  • Good for cellular phones, laptops and small gadgets
  • Chrome vanadium shanks
  • Never use the driver as a little stick or sleeve
  • This screwdriver set allows you to always have the perfect screwdriver for any job
  • Size: 127x18mm/5x0.7in(LxDia.)

Durable Torx Screwdriver Set WTS-510A 6 Pcs

  • Torx Screwdriver Set WTS-510A is selected for extended life and durable construction. Useful for R/C car modeling, craft work, or as an indispensable part of your home toolkit

Durable Torx Screwdriver Set WTS-510A 6 Pcs

  • The impact nickle plated resistant material of this screwdriver bit very durable


  • screwdriver is a tool for driving screws and rotating other machine elements with the mating drive system. The screwdriver is made up of a head or tip, which engages with a screw, a mechanism to apply torque by rotating the tip, and some way to position and support the screwdriver
  • A typical hand screwdriver comprises an approximately cylindrical handle of a size and shape to be held by a human hand, and an axial shaft fixed to the handle, the tip of which is shaped to fit a particular type of screw
  • The handle and shaft allow the screwdriver to be positioned and supported and, when rotated, to apply torque
  • Screwdrivers are made in a variety of shapes, and the tip can be rotated manually or by an electric motor or other motor
  • A screw has a head with a contour such that an appropriate screwdriver tip can be engaged in it in such a way that the application of sufficient torque to the screwdriver will cause the screw to rotate

How to Magnetize a Screwdriver?
Ever tried to insert a screw into a recessed hole? How about working up above your head installing a light fixture on the ceiling? In both of these cases and others where you're reaching out to drive a screw, life would be a lot less aggravating if the screw would just stick to the end of the screwdriver and not keep falling off. Well, if you have a magnetized screwdriver that's just what will happen. The magnetic attraction between the metal screwdriver and a steel screw will keep that screw stuck on the end of the screwdriver until you get it started (and your life will be that much less frustrating)


  • Use your wire strippers to expose about 1" of the copper core at each end of the wire
  • Wire-wrapped screwdriver and battery.Wrap the wire several times around the shaft of your screwdriver
  • Attach one end of the wire to the negative terminal on the battery and then briefly touch the other exposed end of the wire to the positive terminal
  • Remove the wires from the battery and check for magnetism in the screwdriver
  • If your magnetized screwdriver isn't strong enough, repeat the process (be sure you attach the same ends of the wire to the same battery terminals

Tips & Warnings

  • Using the battery method will turn your screwdriver into a more powerful magnet than running the household magnet along the shaft.You can demagnetize your screwdriver by running the household magnet along the shaft in the opposite direction, i.e. from the tip back towards the screwdriver handle
  • Magnetic screwdrivers will only work with steel or stainless steel screws. Copper, aluminum or brass screws aren't attracted by magnets
  • Be prepared for some sparks when you touch the wire to the second battery terminal. Always wear gloves and safety glasses

Package Included:

  • 6 x Torx Screwdriver