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Dorean 7" TFT LCD Display Color Video Door Phone Kits with Adapter BPH454


Are you looking for high quality Video Intercom system? If so, you will be interested in this 7" TFT LCD display Video Door Phone with adapter BPH-454!    This Video Door Phone is a Color Video Door Phone. The Video Intercom system is ...
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Outdoor Unit:

  • Distance of Interface Irradiation: Should more than 2m
  • Working Temperature: -20°C - 50°C
  • Plus Control: Auto
  • Resolution: Should more than 380 lines
  • Size of Outdoor Station: 60 x 140 x 24mm / 2.36 x 5.51 x 0.94in(W x H x D)

Indoor Unit:

  • Adapter Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50Hz-60Hz
  • Adapter Output Voltage, current: AC 15V 1500mA
  • Talk Time Delay: 90S +/- 10%
  • Monitor Time Delay: 30S +/- 10%
  • Working Distance: 50m (6mm x 0.75mm), 100m( 6mm x 1.0mm)
  • Dissipation: Stand-by < 0.5W, working < 10W
  • Intensity of Illumination: 1.2 lux
  • Visual Angle: 92 degree wide-angle
  • Working Temperature: -10°C - 40°C
  • Relative Humidity: 10% - 90%(RH)

7 Inch Display Technical Data:

  • Screen Size: 7.0 inch (16:9 diagonal)
  • Display Format: 1440 (H) x 234 (V)
  • Active Area: 154.08 (H) x 86.58 (V)
  • Dot Pitch: 0.107 (H) x 0.270 (V)


  • This Video Intercom has 7 inch TFT display
  • The Video Door Phone has no radiation and low power consumption
  • It protects your family with this Video Intercom
  • Using this Color Video Door Phone can make your life convenient
  • This Video Intercom is with electric-controlled door unlocking
  • You can adjust the melody volume and talking volume by buttons
  • Adjustable brightness and chromo
  • This Video Intercom is waterproof and oxidation-proof
  • Night vision. Enclosed 10m cable and one adapter for DIY


Dorean 7

Dorean 7

  • This Video Intercom has 7 inch TFT display
  • The Video Door Phone has no radiation and low power consumption

Dorean 7

Dorean 7

  • Adapter of this product
  • This Video phone Intercom system is waterproof and oxidation-proof

Dorean 7

  • You can adjust the melody volume and talking volume by buttons
  • Adjustable brightness and chromo

Dorean 7

  • You can know the size of this product according coin

Dorean 7

  • With this video phone system you can protect your family

Dorean 7

  • The detail size of this video phone Intercom system monitor

Operation Instruction:

Dorean 7

  • For best performance, please take off the safely film. Begin with the red arrow at the top right corner of screen
  • Indoor unit would ring and show the picture of visitor, when someone presses the button
  • Press the TALK button and then the host could communicate with visitor for 90 seconds at a time
  • The electric lock will be unlocked when host press unlock button in indoor unit
  • Press the Monitor button, and the host could monitor outside for 30 second at a time
  • Brightness, chorma and volume could be adjusted in indoor unit to better effect
  • Eight melodies for choice


  • Indoor unit can not be fixed beside the TV set, neither available for the place where is either high-temperature or high- humidity
  • Do not touch the kinescope with wet hand. Do not open the monitor or video camera
  • You can wipe the surface of the video camera and kinescope with soft cloth for clear image, but the washing liquid, thinner, volatile and corrosive liquid are forbidden
  • Avoid sharp dropping or knocking
  • The image can be illegible for the direct sunshine on the video camera
  • The image can be illegible for interruption when you motivate the alarm siren or internal communicating system
  • The image can be illegible for radio interruption when motorcycles or cars pass by, the above temporay malfunction are normal possibility. not mean the real malfunctions of the products which need to fix

How to Choose a Home Intercom System:

Dorean 7

Home intercom systems are excellent to provide security to your home. They are also great to use for speaking to people in different parts of the house if you have a large home or multiple floors. However, choosing an intercom system for a home can be quite a process-there are literally hundreds available on the market

Create a Checklist of Features you want:

  • Determine how much money you want to spend on an intercom system for your home. Setting a budget from the start will help you avoid overspending at the store.
  • Choose the wiring system you want. Home intercom systems can be wired or wireless.
  • Choose either a video system or a voice-only system. Video intercom systems for your home are great at the front door or if you employ servants. Voice-only systems are less expensive and good for the average needs.
  • Decide how many lines you need. Do you want an intercom in every room or do you simply want a connection between two rooms

Shop for the Perfect System:

  • Check online for special deals. On the Internet, you can shop 24 hours a day and you can find cheaper prices
  • Meet with sales representatives. They can explain to you the different intercom systems that will work in your home
  • Ask about installation and warranty. When you choose an intercom system, you want to make sure that it will work in your home and that you'll have the support you need it something doesn't work properly

Package Included:

  • 1 x Indoor Unit
  • 1 x Outdoor Unit
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x User's Manual