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8 Door Networked Access Controller SCU-DK808


This network ready access control panel has all the features you need. The DK808 host can be accessed by 8 F16 door controller, each door controller via RS485 bus is communication with the host connection. Take it home now! You will get more than you...
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  • Storage: Supports 15,000 users
  • Restrictions on access time: Set 8 different time-periods
  • Holidays control: Each door controller can be set up multiple holidays, a week can also set any two holidays; and each user can individually choose
  • Open Model Period: Set 8 different time-periods
  • Open Time: Default is 6 seconds
  • Alarm Time: Default is 2 points
  • Safe Mode: Magnetic status monitoring
  • Programmable card expiration supported
  • Scheduled door release supported
  • Scheduled door arming supported


8 Door Networked Access Controller SCU-DK808

  • This is a 8 Door Networked Access Controller

How to clone your MAC Address

  • As mentioned, the MAC Address in principle were designed so they can not be changed. However, there are many reasons (legal or not) to justify the fact that you want to change your MAC Address. One of these reasons, and perhaps the main one, is that ISPs, Cable Modem, more precisely, record and monitor your users by MAC Address, which often create certain disadvantages (e.g to share the Internet connection with other PCs).
  • There are several ways to modify and / or clone the MAC Address on Windows, including complex changes in the registry (regedit.exe), but the easiest one I found was to use a small application called EtherChange (runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003 / Vista).EtherChange After downloading, run the program and proceed to clone the MAC Address:
  • Select the appropriate network adapter (network card). type 1 to specify a new ethernet address, or MAC Address. Enter new MAC Address without commas, dashes or any other separators.
  • Update: There is also another alternative (among others) to change the MAC Address, which is to go to the configuration of our network card and specify the hexadecimal value corresponding to the address.
  • The steps are: We go to [Control Panel] Windows -> [Network Connections]/We double click on our link (network connection local area ...)/Properties and then click Configure.
  • Then go to the Advanced tab or Advanced Options.
  • Within the tab look for the Network Address field and specify the hex value that will address our MAC board.
  • The problem with this method is that not all network cards allow us to change the MAC Address, but still it is useful to know.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IP Controllers


  • An existing network infrastructure is fully utilized; there is no need to install new communication lines.
  • There are no limitations regarding the number of IP controllers in a system (the limit of 32 controllers per line is typical for systems using RS-485 communication interface).
  • Special knowledge of installation, termination, grounding and troubleshooting of RS-485 communication lines is not required.
  • Communication with IP controllers may be done at the full network speed, which is important if transferring a lot of data (databases with thousands of users, possibly including biometric records).
  • In case of an alarm IP controllers may initiate connection to the host PC. This ability is important in large systems as it allows reducing network traffic generated by frequent polling.
  • Simplifies installation of systems consisting of multiple locations separated by large distances. Basic Internet link is sufficient to establish connections to remote locations.
  • Wide selection of standard network equipment is available to provide connectivity in different situations (fiber, wireless, VPN, dual path, PoE)
  • No special hardware is required for building fail-over systems: in case the primary host PC fails, the secondary host PC may start polling IP controllers


  • The system becomes susceptible to network related problems, such as delays in case of heavy traffic and network equipment failures.
  • IP controllers and workstations may become accessible to hackers if the network of an organization is not well protected. This threat may be eliminated by physically separating the access control network from the network of the organization. Also most IP controllers utilize either Linux platform or proprietary operating systems, which makes them more difficult to hack. Industry standard data encryption is also used.
  • Maximum distance from a hub or a switch to the controller is 100 meters (330 feet).
  • Operation of the system is dependent on the host PC. In case the host PC fails, events from IP controllers are not retrieved and functions that required interaction between readers (i.e. anti-passback) stop working. Some controllers, however, have peer-to-peer communication option in order to reduce dependency on the host PC.
  • Unlike IP readers, most IP controllers do not support PoE. This, however, may change if the PoE technology is improved to deliver more power, or low-power controllers and locks are introduced. Based on the current PoE standards power that can be carried by a single network cable is enough for one IP reader and an electric strike or a magnetic lock, but connecting an IP controller and 2 or more electric locks would require more power than available via PoE

Package Included:

  • 1 x Networked Access Controller