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Cable 8 Way Wireless Anti-theft Burglar Alarm Controller Host SK-239B


This is 100% brand new Burglar Alarm Controller Host. It is made of durable and high material. You can use it for a long time. Good choice for you!
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  • 8 cable 8 wireless keyboard program under the microcomputer control, LCD display
  • With various DuiShe probe, fire, theft probe and emergency switch
  • Fixed telephone, mobile phone, police sources or 119 110 command center
  • Using the telephone lines, telephone wire sending alarm information, stealthily connected, short circuit
  • Fault site alarm
  • Wireless sensor and control (optional), automatic scroll of learning
  • Eight remote control can play eight cloth/removal
  • SHIKE moment communication protocol
  • 20/120 seconds voice recording automatic segmentation and azimuth, report alert monitor alarm sound field
  • Use the keyboard, fission keyboard, remote spot protection or removal or partition cloth/removal
  • Built-in clocks chip, realizing automatic cloth/removal and regularly report regularly. Host self-inspection
  • Built-in relay linkage output can be linkage image monitoring or other equipment
  • Protection, removal, alarm, switch machine data section material memory reference
  • With different phone remote control and other equipment
  • Different ways can set different alarm telephone number
  • Ac voltage battery power, call, automatic reporting, sensor fault
  • Alarm communication through telephone network (PSTN) dial-up transmit alarming signals
  • Material memory reference start time record 1, cloth/removal time record 10, alarm information recorded four
  • Alarm communication protocol SHIKE moment communication protocols
  • Programming is the keyboard programming, fission keyboard programming, remote programming
  • Under the number + 8 8 cable radio
  • Storage alarm telephone number more than 5 groups of alarm
  • Cloth/removal, keyboard, different ways remote control, regular telephone
  • Shut off Power Supply Output: DC 12V 500mA
  • Voltage Power Supply Maximum: DC 12V (500mA)
  • Maximum Output Power Capacity: DC 12V 1200mA
  • Applicable Temperature: -10~55 deg c
  • Alarm Response Time: 200~800ms
  • Humidity: Less than 90% of
  • Power Supply: AC220V ± 10%, frequency 50HZ
  • Standby Power: DC 12V 7Ah mianweihu batteries
  • Voice Input: 20 seconds (120 seconds subsection optional)
  • Installation: Wall hung or embedded
  • Case Material: Steel plate
  • Radio Reception: 315M (433M optional) study of code
  • Size: 264 x 80 x 261mm / 10.39 x 3.14 x 10.27(L x W x H)
  • Alarm Output Linkage: Open/close, 120VAC 1A 24VDC load

Package Included:

  • 1 x Burglar Alarm Controller Host