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Shincka AV Video Cable for SONY PS2 PlayStation 2


Don't let a lost or damaged AV cable prevent you from using your Playstation! Do you want to enjoy your game time better? Here we strongly recommend this PS2 AV cable to you. The PS2 AV cable is with a new design for connecting the PS series consoles...
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  • Brand new and portable PS2 AV cable
  • PS2 AV Cable is durable and light weight
  • With a new design for connect the PS series consoles to display or audio device
  • PS2 AV Cable compatible for SONY playstation 2(PS2)
  • Extra-long length PS2 AV cable lets you play anywhere without controller extension cables
  • PlayStation 2 Video Cable connects your Playstation, Playstation 2, or PSX to any equipment with RCA composite inputs
  • Get the hook up with this PS2 Video Cable for Playstation, Playstation 2, and PSX
  • This is non-OEM generic product


Shincka AV Video Cable for SONY PS2 PlayStation 2

  • Don't let a lost or damaged AV cable prevent you from using your Playstation.Better enjoy your game time with this PS2 AV cable

Shincka AV Video Cable for SONY PS2 PlayStation 2Shincka AV Video Cable for SONY PS2 PlayStation 2

  • The high performance PS2 AV cable realized transfer audio and video data to PS console

Shincka AV Video Cable for SONY PS2 PlayStation 2

  • Made of high quality material, this PS2 video cable comes in good condition; it is durable for long time use

Shincka AV Video Cable for SONY PS2 PlayStation 2

  • The ports of this PS2 AV cable are all well made, easy to install them on, and also the PS2 AV cable can offer you better pictures performance

How to Connect a PS2 to a TV?

A PlayStation 2 controller can transform any mild-mannered kid or adult into a speeding race car driver, a cunning ninja, a time traveler out to save the world or just about anything else. However, before you can escape to the various worlds PS2 games create, you have to connect your system to your television. Thankfully, setting up your new toy is easier than mastering how to play it.

  • Turn off your television.
  • Turn your PS2 console so you can see all the access points in the rear of the machine and connect the audio-visual cable to the PS2 console. The AV cable has three colored plugs at one end and a rectangular metal piece at the other; plug the cable's metal insert into the first rectangular port from the right on the PS2, which is the AV multi-out connector outlet.
  • Plug the AV cable's yellow, white and red plugs into your TV's AV inputs, which can be located in the back of the set, on the side or right in front and are color-coded in the same manner as the plugs. Match the plugs with the ports based on color. If you have a monaural set, there will only be a yellow and a white port--if this is the case, don't worry about the red plug, just leave it hanging.
  • Turn your PS2 console back around so you can see the front. Connect your controllers, which have ports on the front of the console, on the bottom left corner.
  • Link your AC adapter to the AC power cord. The adapter is the electrical box with a cord coming out of one end; the power cord has an electrical socket on one end and a plug on the other. Simply insert the power cord's plug into the matching port in the rear of the adapter block.
  • Plug your AC adaptor into the PS2. The port is located on the rear of the console, on the far right. Plug the other end of the AC power cord into an electrical outlet.

Package Included:

  • 1 x SONY PS2 (PlayStation 2) AV Video Cable