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UltraFire Aluminum Alloy CCTV Camera Mounting Bracket JZ-801S


Security bracket which is ideal for CCTV camera. Made of Avional material for durable to use. You can use it anywhere outdoor, indoor,wall and ceiling etc. 360 horizontal angle and 90 tilt angle. It is very easy to install. Long-lasting performance. ...
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  • Avional housing mount is ideal for CCD CCTV camera
  • All parts interchangeable
  • Easy to install, sturdy design
  • Horizontal Angle of the CCTV Camera Bracket: 360°
  • Tilt Angle: 90°
  • Meterial: Aluminium Alloy
  • Type: Indoor, outdoor, wall and ceilling
  • Dimension: 150 x 110 x 110mm/5.9 x 4.3 x 4.3in(L x W x H)


UltraFire Aluminum Alloy CCTV Camera Mounting Bracket JZ-801S

  • The bracket is a sturdy metal mounting for use with full body security cameras

Tips on Mounting Outdoor Cameras:

  • Shelter - Make sure the potential camera location is sheltered from the elements. You don't want the camera or its cable connection to be exposed to rain or snow, for example. Security cameras come with different waterproofness ratings and temperature ratings. Your camera must be able to withstand all the varied weather conditions it will face at the location you've chosen. If you can't find a sheltered location for an outdoor camera, it is best to get a housing for it that has a heating and cooling fan (see "Resource"). Even weatherproof cameras are limited in the amount of time they can be exposed to rain and snow
  • Cabling/Wireless - Depending on how far away the camera is in relation to the recording device, you may need higher-quality cabling. Check the distance ratings on the cable, the recorder and the camera. Keep the camera near a power outlet. And when plugging the camera in, use a surge protector to protect the entire system from electrical damage. New-generation wireless cameras are one way to avoid cabling issues. However, they have their own distance issues, and the wireless transmission may be subject to outside interference. Check the system specifications against any possible outside interference before investing in a wireless system.
  • Lighting - In addition to having adequate lighting, mount the camera in a way in which light sources don't compromise the picture. For instance, a bright light that shines toward the camera will wash out almost all of the recording. Reflections from glass will compromise the image, as will placing the camera in a shaded area pointed toward a bright area. Before installing mounting hardware in the wall, look through the camera at the location to make sure it will function well under the given lighting conditions
  • Traffic Areas - Mount the camera in high-traffic locations where it will record a majority of the people coming into and out of your building or home. The camera's effectiveness will be nil if it doesn't record people coming into the building. If possible, mount the camera high off the ground so it is out of reach of intruders. You want to make it difficult for potential thieves to disable the system. However, don't mount it so high that the angle prevents the camera from recording people's faces.
  • Accessories - A sunshade for the camera can increase its effectiveness in challenging lighting conditions. These shades are typically metal and attach to the top of the camera. They also offer an additional amount of weatherproofness. Mounting brackets are made of plastic and metal. The metal brackets can support heavier cameras; each bracket will have a weight rating for how heavy a camera it can support

Package Included:

  • 1 x CCTV Camera Mounting Bracket