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Pemrunup Automatic Release Metal Cigarette Case Holder


keeping your smokes safe in style! Wonderful Cigarette Case Holders with fabulous design! This Automatic Release Metal Cigarette Case is made from good quality aluminium. For what it's made from it will protect your cigarettes very well. Really a gre...
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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Holds approximately 12-15 cigarettes
  • Solid metal construction for durability
  • If you do not smoke it will hold credit cards, money or whatever you want
  • Wipe clean
  • Elegant, stylish and unique design
  • Ideal for gift
  • Cigarette Case fits easily in your pocket or bag
  • It helps you to keep the cigarettes away from dust, damp etc.
  • Features two metal pin inside of the case to fix the cigarettes
  • Upgrade your whole outfit by using this superb cigarette case
  • Metal button closure, convenient for you to operate
  • Design in simply and lightweight appearance
  • Cigarette Case fits easily in your pocket, purse or bag
  • With durable and washable material,so perfect for every day use

Pemrunup Automatic Release Metal Cigarette Case Holder

  • Stylish and convenient, perfect for your golf bag or briefcase

Pemrunup Automatic Release Metal Cigarette Case Holder

  • The metal cigarette case is an embossed metal surface cigarette case with a classic look that is both sophisticated and unique. It brings back memories of the old days for some and is a style piece for others

Pemrunup Automatic Release Metal Cigarette Case Holder

  • Even the finest cigar in the world is worthless if it gets crushed in your pocket. Protect your investment with a quality cigar case

Pemrunup Automatic Release Metal Cigarette Case Holder

  • Because the finest cigar in the world is worthless after being crushed in your pocket

Cigar Case Buying Guide - What to Look For

  • Buying a cigar case does not have to be an intimidating task for those who are new to the cigar community. When one has never purchased a case before it is easy to be surprised by the myriad of options available. Different colors, materials and sizes are all available and it can be very difficult to determine what you need to store your cigars. With threats such as tobacco beetles and a need to keep tobacco dry it is very important to properly store cigars
  • Perhaps the most important factor to be considered when purchasing a protective case is that of size. Cigars come in a multitude of shapes as well as sizes. One must consider if they will be using smoking larger cigars such as "presidentes" or shorter designs such as "robusto". Some Cigars also have unusual shapes such as the perfecto or the pyramid. These designs may require specialized cases as a traditional design may not accommodate their width or length
  • The next consideration would be material. The actual fabric or synthetic can alter the flavor of a cigar over time. Perhaps the most common material for holding a small number of cigars is that of leather. When properly treated leather has minimal effect upon the flavor of a cigar and can be an excellent waterproof storage method. These holders are also portable and quite useful for those who travel and smoke away from home
  • If a case is desired for a large number of cigars then a humidor would be considered the best option. These containers are often made of fine woods and include methods of preserving tobacco through dehumidification. This provides both a strong protective barrier and high quality method of keeping tobacco fresh. These are available in all sizes and price ranges and are often built out of a variety of different woods from the mundane to the exotic. Some high end models can even reach into the five digit price range
  • Purchasing a quality cigar case is important for any cigar smoker. Our cigars will spend more time in storage than being smoked. This is why investing in a quality holder and humidor is so important to the modern smoker. Do not become intimidated by the options merely make sure that the sizes are correct and that you enjoy the color and size of the casing. Quality storage is bother necessary and affordable for smokers of all levels

Package Included:

  • 1 x Cigarette Case