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Beautiful Feathers Writing Ballpoint Pen Brown


Are you looking for a pen as a gift in the coming all lovers' day? This brown feather ball point pen is the best collection for Lovers!Compact size and long weight, easy to carry ball pen. Long slim handle ball pen offers comfortable feelin...
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  • This Feather Ballpoint Pen is a brand new feathers style ballpoint pen
  • Plush surrounded by fluffy feathers on top of pen
  • Beautiful wiggly feathers on the top
  • Light, slender styling for easier writing
  • Smooth writing ball point pen faith fine point ink
  • You can use this special design brown feather ball pointer pen to write and work and it is fashionable
  • Close the cover of the ball point pen when you do not use it
  • The Long feather fuzz ball pen looks quite beautiful
  • The brown feather is comfortable to touch
  • Its brilliant design and ingenious technology make it different from ordinary ones
  • Compact size and long weight,  easy to carry
  • Long slim handle is comfortable and easy to grip and write
  • Removable pen cap for protect the pen point of the ballpoint pen 
  • Its brilliant design and ingenious technology make it different from ordinary ones
  • The ball point pen body is made of durable plastic
  • You can use this specially designed ball point Pen to write and work
  • These make fun party favors or prizes, or a cool way to brighten up the school or work day
  • Length: 317mm/12.5in


Beautiful Feathers Writing Ballpoint Pen Brown

  • This decorative ballpoint pen with firebird feather design that will catch kids' or office workers' eyes

Beautiful Feathers Writing Ballpoint Pen Brown

Beautiful Feathers Writing Ballpoint Pen Brown
Beautiful Feathers Writing Ballpoint Pen Brown

  • Feather ballpoint pen is made of high quality and durable material for long time use

Beautiful Feathers Writing Ballpoint Pen Brown

  • Feather design writing ballpoint pen is popular with girls who love beauty

Beautiful Feathers Writing Ballpoint Pen Brown 

  • The feather ballpoint pen provides smooth lines and ink. It will make you have a unique feeling

Size in Detail:

Beautiful Feathers Writing Ballpoint Pen Brown

How Does a Ballpoint Pen Work?

Parts That Make the Ballpoint Pen Work: We use ballpoint pens in our day-to-day life. They are used at school, home and the office. Most of us know ballpoint pens don't write very well when the writing tip is higher than its opposite end. That is because it is primarily a gravity-reliant writing instrument. The ballpoint pen has four basic parts that enable it to work; the writing tip, socket, ink reservoir and the connecting tube

  • Inner Workings: There is a reason for this style of pen to have the name "ballpoint". Its writing tip is actually a tiny ball that is fitted into a socket, allowing it to roll around freely. The small ball can be made of a steel, tungsten carbide or brass. A narrow tube, called the ink reservoir, holds the ink, and a connecting tube connects the ink reservoir to the socket and ball. When we hold a ballpoint pen in our hand and begin to write, the ball rolls around in the socket, moving ink from inside the pen to the writing paper. Because of its design, the ink used in this type of pen tends to be thicker and sticky. A thinner ink would have a tendency to leak out from where the ball and socket fit together
  • Basic Ballpoint Pens: The ballpoint pen has an outer cover that surrounds the ink reservoir. This is the part of the pen that we hold in our hand as we write. Some covers resemble a thick, plastic, straw-like object. Other covers are designed to fit the contours of our hand, and some are embellished with rubber-like grips. The writing tip of a basic ballpoint pen sticks out of one end of the pen's cover. On the opposite end, a small button-like cap is inserted into the end of the pen. Removable caps to cover the writing tips are often included to prevent the ink from drying out
  • Mechanized Ballpoint Pens: Some ballpoint pen designs are more elaborate, and instead of the removable cap, they have a clicking mechanism. The mechanism moves the writing tip in and out of the cover when the user pushes the button that is located on the opposite end of the pen. This push button replaces the small cap found on the ends of non-mechanized ballpoint pens
  • Gravity and Ink: Some ballpoint pens are not completely dependent on gravity to work. In those, designs there is a constant pressure applied behind the column of ink, enabling the writer to use the pen even if the writing tip is elevated. Typically the ballpoint pen requires a certain amount of pressure to be applied in order for it to work. It lacks the free-flowing quality found in some other pen designs

How to Repair a Ball Point Pen Cartridge?

The ink cartridge in a ball point pen can cause a number of problems. The most popular assumption is that the cartridge has run out of ink, but there can be other reasons. The ball itself may be stuck in the tip, there could be air in the cartridge or it may be dry. Any of these can occur if you have not used the pen in a while. You can try a number of things to repair the cartridge before you ultimately must replace it

  • Unscrew the upper or lower portion of the pen -- it can vary depending on the exact type -- and remove the cartridge. Don't lose any of the springs or other components that may fall out and remember where each one goes
  • Inspect the cartridge to see if it still contains ink and reassemble the pen if this is so. These first two steps are only needed if this pen has an opaque shell with a clear cartridge
  • Tap the pen's tip on a hard glass surface and then run the tip over the surface multiple times quickly to try to free up a stuck ballpoint
  • Heat the tip of the pen with a cigarette lighter for a couple of seconds to melt any ink that may have dried within the tip
  • Suck on the pen's tip with your mouth to try and remove any air pockets that may have built up. Be careful of any ink that may come into your mouth; spit it out and wash out your mouth immediately if this happens
  • Apply a small amount of window cleaner to your finger while wearing a rubber glove and then rub the cleaning solution into the tip of the pen to try and moisten the tip
  • Install a new cartridge in the pen if you have determined the current cartridge is completely empty and/or dry. The exact type of cartridge you need can vary on your particular pen

Package Included:

  • 1 x Feathers Ballpoint Pen