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Oppon Best Wishes iPod shuffle 2 Mini USB Data Charger Adapter Pink


A USB cord is included in the box when you purchase your device. This cord can connect to your computer and charge the device.The charger adapter allows you to easily connect a iPod shuffle to any USB port without having to use the rel...
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  • Charger adapter has no cables or clumsy cradle to take with you
  • Charger adapter works with both Mac and PC and goes directly into the USB port to charge or sync
  • Charger adapter can be attached with small keychains
  • USB adapter is compatible with 2nd generation iPod shuffle
  • iPod charger adapter is a great gift
  • This is a non-OEM product


Oppon Best Wishes iPod shuffle 2 Mini USB Data Charger Adapter Pink

  • Charger adapter works with both Mac and PC and goes directly into the USB port to charge or sync

Oppon Best Wishes iPod shuffle 2 Mini USB Data Charger Adapter Pink

  • Charger adapter has no cables or clumsy cradle to take with you. Charger adapter can be attached with small keychains

Oppon Best Wishes iPod shuffle 2 Mini USB Data Charger Adapter Pink

Oppon Best Wishes iPod shuffle 2 Mini USB Data Charger Adapter Pink

  • USB adapter is compatible with 2nd generation iPod shuffle. iPod charger adapter is a great gift

About iPod Docking Stations:

  • Function: Even the iPhone needs a dock, the docking station serves multiple purposes: It connects your iPod to your computer for syncing and charging; It keeps the iPod in an upright position when connected to a stereo; It attaches to a power outlet, which charges the iPod when your computer isn't available (at work, or when traveling, for example); It prevents the iPod from being damaged while syncing and/or charging; It looks good--because the iPod is a mini work of art, it helps display it
  • Types: Would you like a dock with that iPod? Docks that are manufactured by Apple are specific to each model, so a dock for an iPod Nano isn't compatible with an iPod Touch. All iPods (except the very early versions, which were FireWire) use a USB interface to connect to the computer.
  • Features: You'll need this cable to connect your iPod to a stereo, all Apple iPod docks (except for the shuffle) have a stereo jack that allows you to attach your iPod to a receiver using a standard 1/8-inch male phone jack to male RCA jacks cable. However, when connected to a dock, the volume control on the iPod is disabled, so the volume must be adjusted on the stereo unit
  • Warning: Give me some skin, baby! The largest problem that users encounter with iPod dock is that they don't play nicely with certain iPod covers/skins/sleeves. An iPod Nano in a rubber skin, for example, won't fit into an Apple dock, unless the skin is removed. So if you plan on using your iPod in a dock on a regular basis, choose a protective case that's easy to take off and put on
  • Expert Insight: The iHome is an alarm clock/radio that plays and charges your iPodIn addition to the standard docks that sync/charge the iPod, there is an entire range of third-party products that allow you to play your iPod away from your computer. These come with a series of adapters that enables you to custom fit any iPod model. Similarly, there are car adapters that allow you to listen to your iPod through your car's stereo. Again, these come with all the necessary adapters

How to Find a Cheap iPod Charger:

  • Go to the large discount retailers on the Internet and search their site for "iPod Home Charger" or "iPod Wall Charger". The price should be under $10 including shipping costs. Always compare different model chargers before you purchase one
  • Check online auction sites to compare prices to ensure you get the best deal. Be careful of products sold and shipped from overseas
  • Determine if you an adapter that will connect an iPod USB cable to the wall socket or if you want a complete wall charger. See the image on the left for clarification

How to Make Your Own Charging Dock:

  • Cut the shampoo bottle vertically in half starting from the top. However, before you complete the cut, stop about one inch from the bottom so that you retain one inch of the front plastic and the base of the bottle intact. If you do not leave this piece of plastic, your phone may fall out
  • Trim the back half of the shampoo bottle by cutting it horizontally with the scissors so that the height of the back is approximately six inches tall
  • Narrow down a two inch portion at the top of the back half. This is where the plug of the charger will go into before plugging into the wall socket
  • Make a hole in the bottom of the shampoo bottle for the cable to go. The type of phone you have will determine what size and shape the hole should be
  • Pierce two vertical slits that are one inch apart from each other at the top of the narrow two inch strip that you cut at the top of the back half. Each slit should be about 0.3 inches tall so that the plug prongs can be accommodated
  • Fit the two prongs of the charger into the two slits that you just cut
  • Insert the plug with the attached plastic dock into the wall socket so that the dock is suspended
  • Pull the cord through the bottom so that only your phone sits in the dock. The cable should be coming out of the bottom and the phone sitting securely in the dock

Package Included:

  • 1 x USB Data Adapter