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Nebo Printers Color Inkjet Cartridge for Canon 821 820


With the rapid growth of computer, then one thing seems pretty necessary for you. The ink cartridge is the right thing I am talking about. The main character of the ink cartridge is that it can be re-used after filling the ink in order to lower the p...
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  • With our canon ink cartridge, bold and clear printing is provided for you
  • Easy installation and usage are the reasons people choose the computer ink cartridge
  • Peculiar appearance and excellent quality are all combined with our canon ink cartridge
  • Cartridge delivery system uses less water and concentrated ink for intense colors and super-sharp text on plain paper
  • High-resolution ink cartridge features quick-drying ink for less paper distortion
  • This refill ink cartridge is designed specially for Canon printers
  • These are NON-OEM products
  • Compatible with: Canon printers 821BK/821C/821M/821Y/820BK
  • Ink Cartridge: IP3680/4680/3600(EU)/4600(EU)/MP545/988628/638
  • 4 Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Size: 3.27 x 1.5 x 0.59in(L x W x H)


Nebo Printers Color Inkjet Cartridge for Canon 821 820

  • This continuous ink supply system enables you to continue using the same cartridge and reset itself

Nebo Printers Color Inkjet Cartridge for Canon 821 820

  • With latest available technique, the air through hole will ensure your no ink leaking

Nebo Printers Color Inkjet Cartridge for Canon 821 820

  • With our ink cartridge, your cost will be saved a lot

Nebo Printers Color Inkjet Cartridge for Canon 821 820

  • With head print on the cartridge, more attention should be paid when you are refilling the ink

Nebo Printers Color Inkjet Cartridge for Canon 821 820

  • With our ink cartridge, your life will be more colorful as you wish

How to Refill a Canon Ink Cartridge:

Nebo Printers Color Inkjet Cartridge for Canon 821 820

Canon ink cartridges are different than those used in most other manufacturers' printers. You fill a Canon cartridge with a syringe bottle, as you would most others. But finding the filler hole to the chamber, or where you have to create a hole, varies greatly depending on what type of cartridge you have. Check the label for the type of cartridge your Canon printer uses before you try to refill it with ink

BJI Cartridges

  • Locate the filling hole on the cartridge and push in the sealing ball bearing with a pen or similar pointed object. Older cartridges have this hole on the bottom; newer ones, on the top. The newest cartridges, however, have no hole, so drill a 1/8-inch hole near the right-hand edge of the cartridge bottom
  • Fill the syringe bottle with 5ml of ink of the right color. Each cartridge contains only one color; the label will note which one. Inject the ink into the cartridge
  • Seal the cartridge with a small plastic plug. Most refill kits should have the exact type of plug that will work

BC, BX Cartridges

  • Unscrew the vented plugs on the filler holes, which are near the top corner to the right of the label. On a BX-03 cartridge, drill a 1/8-inch hole on the top of the cartridge, about 1/4 inch from the edge
  • Use the syringe bottle to refill the ink chamber. If this is a color cartridge, the chamber holes should be in this order: yellow, magenta, cyan. Get the needle all the way into the cartridge and fill it with about 20ml of black ink or 7ml of one color
  • Reattach the vented plugs. If you drilled a hole, seal it with a plastic plug or strong adhesive tape

BCI Cartridges

  • To uncover the filler hole, cut away the label near the bottom where the word "PUSH" is written. Push the ball bearing down into the cartridge
  • Refill the cartridge, using the syringe, with whichever type of ink it contains. Black cartridges usually contain about 8ml of ink, and a color cartridge contains 4ml of one single color. (BCI-8 cartridges contain twice these amounts.)
  • Reseal the filling hole with a plastic plug--preferably one included in the refill kit you likely got the ink and syringe from

How to Take Ink Out of a Canon Cartridge:

Nebo Printers Color Inkjet Cartridge for Canon 821 820

Canon ink cartridges are single-use units not designed for refilling. Therefore, Canon cartridges do not have a filler hole. If you want to remove the ink from a Cannon cartridge, you must create your own hole in the cartridge and suck the ink out through the hole. This is the only method for removing the ink that will not get ink all over the place


  • Hold the cartridge firmly in one hand or place it in a vice with a light grip
  • Drill a 5mm hole through the O in the word "Canon" until you feel the drill break through the plastic housing
  • Place the tip if a plastic syringe into the 5mm hole and pull the ink from the cartridge
  • Remove the ink from the syringe by gently squirting it into a glass jar

Package Included:

  • 1 x Set of Ink Cartridges