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Christmas Gift 8 x 40mm Zoom Long Eye Relief Binoculars Telescope


Do you want a telescope binocular which can help you when you hunting, travelling? Are you an astronomy enthusiast? Want to take photo of a high flying bird? You should look at this telescope.Our binoculars are the best of the world, combining c...
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  • Magnification: 8X
  • Lens Diameter: 4cm/1.6in
  • Prism: Paul prism
  • Focus Type: Axial adjustment
  • Coating: FMC-Green
  • Color: Black
  • Material: BAK4(prism)


  • The telescope binocular is great as Christmas gift
  • The compact binocular comes with great eyepiece
  • A lightweight binocular with BAK4 senior prism is wonderful 
  • Wide-angle design and wider field of vision of the telescope binocular ensures the high level 
  • This telescope binocular comes with broad vision, high brightness, great image effect  
  • High definition and crisp clear viewing bring you excellent hunting experience
  • The telescope binocular is ideal for campers, hunters, sports enthusiasts and concert goers tourists


 Christmas Gift 8 x 40mm Zoom Long Eye Relief Binoculars Telescope

  • The telescope binocular is made of special material and the handle of it feels comfortable

 Christmas Gift 8 x 40mm Zoom Long Eye Relief Binoculars Telescope

  • Advanced optical lens coating meisai, excellent eye protection and credit to the role

 Christmas Gift 8 x 40mm Zoom Long Eye Relief Binoculars Telescope

  • This is a waterproof night vision compact binocular, durable to use

 Christmas Gift 8 x 40mm Zoom Long Eye Relief Binoculars Telescope

  • It comes with 8 X 40mm wide angle ensures the view for your use

 Christmas Gift 8 x 40mm Zoom Long Eye Relief Binoculars Telescope

  • This Binocular Scope is the most compact and light-weight binoculars among the binoculars of this class of magnification

How to Use a Reflector Telescope

 Christmas Gift 8 x 40mm Zoom Long Eye Relief Binoculars Telescope

  • If you have a reflector telescope, the cosmos is yours to explore. Techniques for viewing the galaxy using a reflector telescope run the gamut from very elementary to extremely complicated, but fortunately, getting started is very easy. Once you successfully use your telescope for casual exploration, the transition into more precise and complex viewing should be relatively easy
  • Things You'll Need: Reflector telescope, Telescope eyepieces, Telescope tripod, Star charts, Small portable light
  • Get to know your telescope by getting out all of your gear, including your telescope's owner's manual. Most important, familiarize yourself with the name and function of each individual eyepiece, knob, lock and lens
  • Identify the eyepiece mount and practice changing different eyepieces in and out. Each telescope manufacturer uses a slightly different type of lock to lock the eyepieces in place, so you may need to refer to your owner's manual if it isn't obvious how your telescope's locking mechanism is designed to work
  • Find the finder scope, which you will need to use to adjust your telescope just prior to using it. Take note of the locations of the screws that should be surrounding the finder scope; these are the screws you will use to align it
  • Study your star charts. It's best to take them along with you when you go to view the stars, but because it will be dark, it won't be so easy to check them. You'll have to use a portable light source, and doing so will force your eyes out of adjustment to the darkness, making it difficult to view anything through the telescope for a few moments afterward. Familiarity with the star charts is important because you'll want to refer to your charts as little as possible when you're out in the field.
  • Find a dark, open clearing where the moon is visible to set up your telescope. Look for a place with no high trees or other obstructions to your view, and try to find the darkest place possible
  • The presence of any detectable outdoor or ambient lighting can make it difficult to clearly view the stars
  • Set up the telescope, point it at the sky and remove the lens cap
  • Put the weakest magnification eyepiece on the eyepiece mount and rotate the telescope until the moon comes into view. Make slight adjustments to the telescope position until the moon appears to be centered in the field of view
  • Look through the finder scope. Adjust the screws surrounding the finder scope if necessary until the moon is perfectly centered on the crosshairs in the middle of the scope
  • The telescope is now aligned
  • Explore the cosmos freely, referring to the star charts as necessary. When you want to get a closer look at something in the field of vision, lock the telescope into place and replace the eyepiece with one with a higher magnification

How to Clean Reflector Telescope Mirrors

 Christmas Gift 8 x 40mm Zoom Long Eye Relief Binoculars Telescope

  • Cleaning the mirror on your reflector telescope is a delicate operation. A reflector telescope mirror should only be cleaned if it is absolutely necessary. If you can see a reflection in the mirror, the mirror should not be cleaned. But if the mirror on your reflector telescope is so dirty that no reflection is visible in it, it will be necessary to clean the reflector telescope mirror. Great care should be taken due to the fragile nature of the reflector telescope mirror
  • Things You'll Need: Canned air, Mild dish detergent, Eye glass chamois
  • Bottled water, Suggest Edits
  • Remove loose dust from the mirror. This should be done with canned air to prevent the dust from scratching the surface of the mirror
  • Rinse the mirror under warm water. Use only a gentle water stream. This will remove the dirt that isn't caked on
  • Wipe the surface of a mirror with a heavily diluted dish detergent. Use a mild detergent and a very soft cloth. An eye glass chamois is particularly good for this because it is made to prevent scratches. This should remove the caked on dirt
  • Rinse the mirror thoroughly with bottled water. Tap water may leave chemical deposits on the surface
  • Prop the mirror up on its side to dry so that the water will run off. Make sure the mirror is completely dried before putting it back into the telescope

Package Included:

  • 1 x Binoculars
  • 1 x Bag
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x Strap
  • 3 x Lens Caps
  • 1 x Tripod Adapter