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Pemrunup Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe


Do you want to have a cigarette smoking pipe for your daily using? Here, let us show you this Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe!This is a particular cigarette wooden smoking pipe. Small bowl size is good for the occasions when you don't want to...
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  • This wooden smoking pipe is high quality and easy to use
  • Smooth, too even without the little metal condensor thingy inside
  • The wooden cigarette smoking pipe features smooth surface
  • Small bowl size is good for the occasions when you don't want to smoke for 20 minutes
  • Small bowl also makes for a mild and enjoyable smoke that doesn't kill your tongue
  • Size: 143 x 36 x 31mm/5.6 x 1.4 x 1.2in(L x W x H)
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Black & Red


Pemrunup Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe

Pemrunup Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe

  • Black & red wooden smoking pipe shows special personality and a vintage feature

Pemrunup Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe

Pemrunup Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe

  • Smooth tobacco smoking pipe is a good gift giving for collection or presents

Pemrunup Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe

  • Classic design, this is an old-vintage style wooden smoking pipe with small holes in bowl head

Pemrunup Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe

Pemrunup Classical Wooden Cigarette Smoking Pipe

  • Small bowl size is good for the occasions when you don't want to smoke for 20 minutes

How to Clean Smoking Pipes:

Smoking pipes tend to get clogged with resin build up from frequent use, so it's necessary to clean your smoking pipes regularly. Knowing how to clean your smoking pipes gives you the ability to remove the clogged resin build-up safely, without damaging your pipe. Depending on how dirty your pipe is, the amount of time needed to clean it varies, but with a little tenacity you can clean your pipes up to look and smoke like they're brand new again.

  • Put on the rubber gloves and spread out about four or five thick paper towels in front of you. Do this on your bathroom sink area.
  • Hold the pipe in your hands and pour rubbing alcohol down the mouthpiece of the pipe. Hold your thumb and forefinger over the bowl and carburettor of the smoking pipe to keep the alcohol inside of it.
  • Shake the pipe in your hand gently to swoosh the alcohol inside of it. Try to use 92 percent rubbing alcohol as opposed to 70%, which can be found in most any pharmacy or department store.
  • Take your thumb off of the bowl of the pipe and allow the black, chunky liquid to flow out into the sink. Repeat steps two and three two more times.
  • Insert the end of a fuzzy pipe cleaner into the carburettor of the smoking pipe, which is located to the side of the bowl. Twist the pipe cleaner and pull it in and out of the pipe.
  • Insert a pipe cleaner into the mouth piece of the pipe and feed it through as far as it will go. Pull it in and out, and twist it several times to clean the pipe.
  • Run rubbing alcohol through the pipe again, as you did in steps 2 through 3.
  • Run hot water through the pipe, by holding it under the sink's running faucet. Do this for about two minutes or until the black chunks of resin and other material stops coming out of the orifices.
  • Place the pipe, with the bowl pointing down, on the paper towels. Allow it to sit for about an hour to drip-dry.

How to Recondition Smoking Pipes:

Recondition your old smoking pipe so that it is functional and attractive. Maintain an uninterrupted airflow between the bowl rim and the button. Keep the smoke channel free of particulates and unwanted objects. Remove all gaps. Consider whether you have a straight shaft pipe or a bent pipe; this is a key distinguishing feature of smoking pipes. Recondition bent pipes with extra care because their unique shape makes them delicate and more difficult to clean.

  • Open up straight pipes by running a 4 mm drill bit through the shank and funnelling the tenon. This reduces straight pipe wetness and improves performance. Eliminate wetness and poor draw in bent pipes by clearing the stem, particularly in the last inch. Install an adequate funnel at the button. Create a decent mortise/tenon gap size. Adhere to the principle that the cross-sectional area of the draft hole must continue through the button slot.
  • Cut out debris using a small craft knife. Dissolve any caked, residual tobacco using drops of vodka. Alcohol is an excellent cleaning fluid. A pipette or dropper can be useful, but is not essential. Continue cutting away the cake until the surface brightens and becomes smooth.
  • Apply a consistent diameter to the shank bore of as close to 4 mm as you can achieve. Drill it as far into the stem as you can go without breaking the components. This works consistently for straight-bore pipes; bent-angled pipes must be aligned on a case by case basis because each one is subtly different. If you are reconditioning a bent pipe, follow the same basic procedure. Take into account the angles and don't overdrill. Trial and error is best.
  • Funnel the end of the sleeve meeting the mortise to align it with the 4 mm shank bore, or at an angle to match off-centre bores. Bore the stem to 3.5 mm to create an accurate, tight fit between the two complementary components. Use a 3 mm drill bit to open up a 3.5 mm pipe bore to within 3/4-inch of the button. Larger drill bits will damage the pipe interior.
  • Hand-fill the from the button-back to the last bore point, altering the cross section of the draft hole from round to oval, then to a slot shape.
  • Clean the pipe with a 1-to-1 mixture of toothpaste and baking soda using a cloth or soft toothbrush. Apply a single coat of protective carnuba wax. Work the wax gently into the pipe surface until it becomes shiny and reflective.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Smoking Pipe