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Rgyrid 2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED


Do you want to have bright LED neon lights for your cars?Here the  2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED can satisfy your needs.These flashing LED neon light can be used on any kinds of cars,motorcycles and bicycles.Each ca...
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  • This LED Neon Light can be used on all the kinds of cars, motorcycles and bicycles
  • The car valve cap LED lamp can create a ring around your tire
  • Chrome body with ultra bright, long life-span LED lamp
  • Universal fitment makes it easy to install, no special wires required
  • This colorful LED car tyre light increases nighttime and bad weather visibility for enhanced safely
  • Colorful color of the LED light
  • The valve caps will be lighted and flashed when your car is moving
  • Each car LED tyre lamp is powered by 3 x AG10 button cells
  • Size: Approx. 3.8cm(L)


Rgyrid 2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED

  • This flashing car tyre LED light can be used on all the kinds of cars, motorcycles and bicycles .These flashing LED neon light can be used on any kinds of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Just simply taking off the old valve and replace it on your car
  • Chrome body with ultra bright, long life-span LED lamp.The LED neon light will be lighted and flashed when your car is moving. When you stop driving, the built-in sensors will stop the lights in half minute automatically


  • Our new line of automotive car neon lights give you all the benefits of LED lighting, which you can't get from regular light bulbs. It's safe, awesome and eyes-catching indeed

  • With all the new technology coming out for the new vehicles on the market, neon lights for cars is one of the most exciting innovations

Size in Detail:

Rgyrid 2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED

How to Use:

Rgyrid 2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED

How to Buy a Bike Light:

Rgyrid 2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED

  • Determine your needs. For the occasional short errand, a small, simple light may be sufficient. For off-road riding at night or night commuting in heavy traffic, you should purchase a high-quality light
  • Determine your price range. Lights can range in price from $10 to $300. You should be able to find a decent light with a rechargeable battery for about $50
  • Consider bulbs. The best lights have halogen bulbs that will illuminate the roadway. Some even come with dual beams (high and low beams.)
  • Consider batteries. Many lights take AA or AAA batteries. Others have large, rechargeable batteries with long runtimes
  • Consider a helmet-mounted light for off-road riding. These lights are great when used in addition to a handlebar-mounted light, as they allow you to see around turns
  • Purchase a rear-mounted red flasher, in addition to your front-mounted light. These are quite inexpensive and very effective - they let cars approaching from the rear see you

What are LED Lights?

Rgyrid 2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED

  • LED stands for "light-emitting diode." LED lights are extremely small semiconductor diodes that are capable of creating light. The light that is created by any given LED can be of any color and can even be ultraviolet or infrared. The light that is created by an LED light depends on the material that is used to make the semiconductor and the current that is run though it. There are many different types of LEDs, including miniature ones, as well as high-powered LEDs and multicolor variations.

How Do LED Lights Work?

  • LED lights work very similarly to standard light bulbs except for the fact that LEDs are much smaller and contain no filament.
  • Instead of a filament, an LED creates light using nothing but the movement of electricity along the path of its semiconductor.
  • As the electrons stream across the semiconductor, they create electromagnetic radiation. Some forms of this electromagnetic radiation can take the form of visible light, which humans can perceive via sight.

What Are LED Lights Used for?

  • There is an almost inexhaustible supply of applications for LED lights, some of which have already been realized and others that are currently being implemented
  • Within the world of electronics LED lights are used in traffic lights, screen displays, computers, brake lights and any other application which requires a bright, inexpensive and long-lasting light.
  • They also are used in the burgeoning field of photonic textiles and as a source of light in places where high temperatures cannot be tolerated. Indeed, LED lights are one of the most important technologies in contemporary electronic products and many such products would be impossible without them

Put Neon Lights on a Car:

Rgyrid 2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED

  • Disconnect both power terminals from your car's battery before doing any automotive electrical work
  • Screw the mounting bracket from your neon light tube kit into a spot on the underside of your car's dashboard, away from where feet or legs will come in contact with the light. Use your flat screwdriver to do this
  • Run the neon light's power wire through the "firewall" hole separating your car's interior from the engine compartment. Run the wire along the same path that other power wires in your car run along and secure it with zip ties
  • Wrap the power wire around the positive power terminal of your car's battery. Solder it in place with a small amount of solder. Secure the connection with a smear of silicone
  • Connect the ground wire from your neon tube to a bare piece of steel on the underside of the dash. You may need to remove a panel from the dash with a star-head screwdriver to expose the steel. Solder the wire in place and add a smear of silicone to secure the connection
  • The neon light should now power on when you start your car. It should power off when you turn the engine off

How Does Neon Light Work?

  • The process of making neon lights first begins by making the glass tubes. Though it seems simple, the tubes are often made by hand, combining modern technologies with age old glassblowing skill to properly shape the glass into the desired contours. These tubes can be straight, curved, or any combination of those adjectives to make any sort of symbol or letter, as evidenced by their popularity in hotel and bar signs all over the world. Once the glass is actually formed, all air is removed from the inside of the tube, which then creates a vacuum ready to be filled

Injecting the Gas:

  • The glass tubes, once they're emptied of all air and a vacuum is created inside of them, are back-filled with two separate gases. One gas is neon, which shows up red when charged with electricity. The other gas is argon, which shows up blue when given the same, electrified treatment. The inside or even the outside of the glass tubes can be coated with chemicals or paints to filter the escaping light so that the glow will take on a variety of different colors, but those are the colors represented by the gases that make up the basics of neon lights

Finishing Touches:

  • Once the tubes are filled, electrodes are attached at the two ends. The tubes are electrically charged to test that the gases inside them give off the proper color and that there are no flaws in the glass. The atoms of the gases, both neon and argon, will always try to move towards the positively charged end of the tube. That motion, collision and scattering when stimulated by the electricity is what causes the infamous glow of neon lights

Tips & Warnings:

Rgyrid 2 x Bike Car Tyre Valve Caps Light Lamp Wheel Neon LED

  • If you are planning to install multiple lights, consider learning of a method to run all power wires to a central fuse before connecting to your battery

Package Included:

  • 2 x Car Tyre Valve Stem Cap Lights
  • 6 x AG10 Button Cells