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Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD


Looking for a serviceable converter adapter? It is no need for finding endlessly. Here we strongly recommend you this DVI 24 +1 to VGA adapter for HDTV LCD PC. If you want to play VGA analog display device with your computer,what to do for you now is...
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  • Converts DVI-I 24+1 pin male to VGA female
  • The converter adapter connects VGA/SVGA monitor cable to DVI plug
  • The cable adapter supports hot plugging of DVI display devices
  • The cable adapter is compatible with HDTV, digital CRT displays and projectors
  • The cable adapter strongly shielding from interfering, high fidelity, clear signal
  • The plug adapter is easy to use just plug and play
  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.0 x 1.5cm / 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.6in (L x W x H)


Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD

  • The converter adapter is durable and exquisite. It can satisfy your long time use

Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD

  • It ensures interference free operation and maximum transfer rate interference guarded

Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD

Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD

  • The port is standard for sweeping use; high quality ensures operational stability

Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD

  • The converter adapter with mini shape which is convenient to use and pack up

Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD

  • Long time enough for you to use. You deserve to have it

How to Diagnose Display Adapter Problems:

Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD

Blank Monitor

  • Turn off your computer and remove the power cable. Remove the case cover. Locate the display adapter. This is normally the largest add-in card in the computer and the one to which the monitor connects. Determine that the display adapter is properly seated in the slot
  • Disconnect and reconnect the monitor cable. Ensure that the cable is properly attached to the display adapter and the monitor
  • Turn the computer on again. If the monitor remains blank, you may either have a faulty display adapter or monitor, a hardware compatibility issue or a faulty cable. Test the monitor with another computer if one is available

Computer Running Very Loudly

  • Turn off the computer and open the case. Locate the display adapter
  • Clean the fan using a can of compressed air or by blowing dust off the fan blades
  • Replace the video adapter cooler if cleaning the fan does not help

Corrupted Display

  • Right click anywhere on the desktop if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7. Select "Screen resolution." Set the screen resolution to the recommended setting. This should be the native resolution of your monitor
  • Reinstall the drivers if the problem is not solved. Obtain the latest drivers for your display adapter from the manufacturer's website
  • Install the drivers. Follow the on-screen instructions. Restart the computer after the installation

How to Install a Powerline Adapter:

Tronixin DVI to VGA Adapter for HDTV PC LCD

A powerline adapter extends the broadband signal of a wireless Internet router. It plugs into a wall socket and uses an antenna to extend the broadcast. Powerline adapters are useful in large houses where your router's signal may not reach every room, and you can install one in about 10 minutes. Powerline adapters will connect to your PC via a USB adapter, or an ethernet cable. This operation is designed for Belkin Powerline adapters

  • Connect your computer and the powerline adapter with an ethernet cable. If you are using a USB adapter, just substitute USB cable for ethernet cable
  • Insert the installation disc into your computer's CD or DVD drive
  • Click "Next" at the welcome screen
  • Click "OK" at the instructional screen
  • Click "Yes" to reboot your computer
  • Disconnect your powerline adapter from your computer
  • Plug your powerline adapter into an available wall socket. You should see two green lights appear after a few moments. The green lights will mean the adapter has both power and an Internet signal

Package Included:

  • 1 x DVI 24 +1 to VGA Adapter HDTV LCD PC