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Door Proximity Entry Lock Keypad Access Control System YH-SK98


This access system uses IC technology, also called radio frequency identification, which is advanced in the world. IC card has safe read and write features for use since its card code is unique throughout the world, and hard to copy. The use of IC ca...
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  • Easy to operate, multifunction with eye-pleasing shape
  • Memory capacity of 2000 entries of access record, and 20000 user cards
  • RS485 bus network, easy and applicable cable layout
  • Automatic time adjustment, data download, making account of attendance and working out multi format attendance report forms
  • Access controlled time period 8 access restricting time periods


Door Proximity Entry Lock Keypad Access Control System YH-SK98

  • Beautiful shape and fashion style

Door Proximity Entry Lock Keypad Access Control System YH-SK98


  • Access controlled time period 8 access restricting time periods

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  • A wireless receiver (keypad) may be an option, creating a "hybrid" security system. This system is more secure than a purely wireless system since the siren and phone lines are not directly connected to the keypad. An "all-in-one" wireless system is the least secure because all the alarm components are in one place, making it more accessible to burglars.
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Package Included:

  • 1 x Attendance Access Control System