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Zrabra Dual Band GSM Anti-Theft Alarm Host System JBA-2000F


Do you want your car more safely? You have got the right place! We highly recommend the anti theft device for you! Made of high material, the anti theft device can be long time using! This anti theft alarm can be equipped with a variety of wireless a...
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  • Standby Current: 20mA
  • Supply Voltage: 9V-12V
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ - +55 ℃
  • Transmit Power: CLASS4 (2W) / EGSM900, CLASS1 (1W) / GSM1800
  • Receiver Code: ASK
  • Receive Frequency: 315/433 MHz
  • Remote Control Distance: 100 m (open ground)
  • Receive The Number of Detectors: 10
  • Size: 158 x 110 x 30mm / 6.2 x 4.3 x 1.2in(L x W x H)
  • Support GSM900/1800MHz dual mode
  • Support PHASE 2 / 2 + protocol (including data business)
  • With back-up power
  • Alarm, there zone display


  • This anti theft device use of dual-band GSM wireless networks, alarm without distance limitations
  • Anti theft device supports GSM and CDMA mobile phones, compatible with Chinese / English SMS alarm function, Alarm and cloth disarm move
  • Anti theft device preset 5 groups alarm telephone numbers with the room number information is available to the owner, residential security, alarm management center 110 network alarm
  • Anti theft system with Via wireless remote control, control deployment of the system, disarm or emergency alarms, allowing users to actually use the convenient and quick
  • Anti theft alarm with password operation, to ensure system security: can be deployed in remote off-site phone password, disarm, monitor, remote control
  • Owner through telephone or mobile phone, remote control three outputs to control the door, room doors, office doors open, closed
  • Host a 7-channel cable input control terminal for easy connection to a variety wired alarm equipment
  • Host with alarm relay output control terminal to facilitate linkage to power, video and so on


Zrabra Dual Band GSM Anti-Theft Alarm Host System JBA-2000F

  • For your car safely, you should take this high performance anti theft device

Zrabra Dual Band GSM Anti-Theft Alarm Host System JBA-2000F

Zrabra Dual Band GSM Anti-Theft Alarm Host System JBA-2000F

  • With the remote-control unit that anti theft system convenient for you daily use

Zrabra Dual Band GSM Anti-Theft Alarm Host System JBA-2000F

Zrabra Dual Band GSM Anti-Theft Alarm Host System JBA-2000F

  • With high high technology that will take you car more safely

About Theft-Prevention Devices

Zrabra Dual Band GSM Anti-Theft Alarm Host System JBA-2000F

A vehicle is one of the most important and expensive investments you will likely ever make. It only makes sense to protect it in every way possible from auto theft. Theft-prevention devices deter thieves from attempting to steal your vehicle and may make it possible to track down your car if it does end up stolen. Regardless of the value or age of your vehicle, the installation of a theft-prevention device is typically a wise choice. However, because installing additional security features may void your warranty, it is crucial to read your warranty documents to determine if there are any rules or limitations before purchasing and installing an anti-theft device of any kind.


  • Theft-prevention devices are classified as either passive or active and are divided into three main categories: mechanical devices, vehicle alarms and electronic immobilizers. Mechanical devices prevent theft of a vehicle by limiting the vehicle's movement. Steering wheel locks are the most commonly used mechanical device, but wheel locks and gear locks are gaining popularity. Vehicle alarms discourage thieves by producing a loud noise, such as a siren or beep, or by flashing lights. Alarms draw attention to the vehicle at risk, which is very effective at deterring thieves. Electronic immobilizers prevent car thieves from turning on the ignition or operating the vehicle by turning off power to the ignition system or fuel tank. Some cars equipped with this theft-prevention device will lock down if the wrong key is inserted into or is placed near the ignition. Passive devices are those that must be set up by the vehicle owner, such as a steering wheel lock, while active devices, including most electronic immobilizers, turn on automatically when the doors are locked, or the keys are removed from the ignition


  • Theft-prevention devices work by deterring car thieves from attempting to steal your vehicle or by preventing thieves from operating the vehicle once they've gained access to the inside of the car. The specific method of deterring car thieves or preventing theft depends on the type of device used, but the basic reason these devices work is the same. Theft-prevention devices delay the theft of vehicles and increase the likelihood that the thief will be caught in the act. No anti-theft devices are fool-proof, but all serve the purpose of making the car less attractive to thieves. Vehicle recovery aids are also considered theft-prevention devices because most thieves pass by cars that display decals alerting them to the inclusion of these devices


  • Theft-prevention devices not only protect your vehicle and the belongings kept inside, but the installation of many theft-prevention devices can save you a considerable amount of money on your car insurance premium. Auto insurance providers stand to lose large sums of money if your vehicle is stolen and severely damaged or not recovered at all. Therefore, vehicle owners who take steps to prevent the theft of their vehicles are rewarded financially. Vehicle recovery aids, such as electronic transmitters, increase the chances of locating your vehicle after it has been stolen and assist law enforcement in finding the thief and bringing him to justice


  • Many theft-prevention devices come standard on new vehicles, but owners of older cars may need to have these devices installed. Before installing any type of theft-prevention device, is it essential to check with your insurance company to determine if you qualify for any discounts and to read your warranty documents carefully. The addition of some devices may void your vehicle warranty, leaving your car unprotected should it break down. Some warranties allow for the installation of additional security features but require installation to be performed by an approved company or dealer


  • Contrary to what most people believe, vehicle value means very little when it comes to auto theft. According to the Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority, most stolen vehicles are at least a couple of years old. Car thieves tend to steal common makes and models more often than rare cars because the parts are more easily broken down and sold. Moreover, having auto insurance does not guarantee you will be protected in the event that your car is stolen. Many insurance providers require policyholders to take out separate insurance to cover against auto theft. If you are unsure as to whether your car is protected against theft, consult your insurance provider for more information

Package Included:

  • 1 x Alarm Host
  • 1 x GSM Antenna
  • 1 x Wireless Dual Infrared Detector
  • 1 x Wireless Door Sensor
  • 1 x Alarm
  • 2 x Remote Controls
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Battery