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Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise


Are you tired with traditional hula hoops? Are you looking for a new hula hoop for loss weight? Then we recommend this spring hula hoop to you! It is a new design. To Hoop this soft spring hula hoop needs more energy which means more calories burning...
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  • Scientific new concept spring hula hoop exercise equipment
  • This plastic spring hula hoop is designed according to physical theory, which can enhance exercise intensity and fit your body perfectly
  • If you want lose weight, this spring hula hoop is an easy and efficient way
  • Plastic hula hoop that is made of PVC non poisonous environmental protection material
  • Lightweight and foldable, quite easy to carry
  • The bouncy spring makes you either act as collapsible hula hoop or act as the chest expander
  • This plastic spring hula hoop designed with a durable and flexible spring inner the hoop, it is quite comfortable to use
  • This body building plastic spring hula hoop does great help to your health and it is suitable for young and old, man and woman
  • Spring hula hoop is suitable for home use, office use and also you can take it for outing
  • Outside Diameter: 475mm / 18.8in ( Dia.)


Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise

Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise

Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise

Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise
Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise
Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise
Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise
Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise
Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise
Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise

Steps for Hooping This Spring Hula Hoop:

  • PLACE: Place it against your waist, hands on two sides
  • TIGHTEN: Tighten the section around the back of your waist
  • SWITCH: Switch it using the power of your waist
  • Following the tips, the spring hula hoop can stay on your waist for a long time
  • Hula hoop can exercise your waist muscle / improve the coordinating abilities of the body / help loss weight
  • Just 10 minutes every day, your constipation of your body would disappear, your waist would become slender slim after a month. The new spring hula hoop just adopt spring movement principle, to let the spring hula hoop to close fitting over your waist, squeezing to creat acupuncture effeteness, to fix up your constipation or weight loss successfully, very new and fashionable hula hoop product

Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise

Do you know "Hula Hooping" was an ancient invention? There are historical evidences to prove hooping was one of the exercises practiced by the Greeks. In olden days, hoops were made from wood, bamboo, grasses, vines and at times from metals such as iron and copper. The Hula-hoops that are available in the market today are made from safe plastics. Hooping as a toy for children was introduced in Great Britain in the 14th century. In the early 19th century, some British soldiers happened to witness "Hula" dancing in the islands of Hawaii. The hooping and hula dancing had some similarities because dancing used the hoops. Hence, the name Hula Hooping was given to this fun activity and exercise

Is Hula Hooping an exercise?

  • Yes, hula hooping is an exercise and it dates back to the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilization. According to study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, hula hooping would burn around 200 calories in a day if you work out for half an hour
  • Hula Hooping has been classified as an aerobic exercise that would increase the flexibility and strength of one's body. It is considered as a low-intensity workout for most people. One of the fun and creative ways to lose weight is by hula hooping

Health Benefits of Hula Hooping:

  • Hula hooping is a fun game that you might have played as a kid. However, it is no more merely a childhood sport or activity. Today, it is a form of exercise that is surprisingly exhausting. Hula-hoops are available in sport accessories shops and the one that is used for exercising has a special tape that sticks to your body.
  • One of the health benefits of hula hooping is, it helps lose weight and increases the fitness level of the body
  • Hula hooping helps increase the flow of blood to the brain. Hula hooping exercises are more reviving than a short nap. Regular hula hooping helps increase the energy level of the body
  • Hula hooping exercises strengthens the waist, hips and the knees. This is another important health benefit of hula hooping
  • The coordination of the body movement and breathing strengthens the torso muscles and enhances the flexibility of the spine. Hula hooping exercises promote the integral functions of our vital organs
  • To tone the muscles of the arms roll the hula-hoop around your arm in circular motion. Hula hooping burns the unwanted fat in the midriff and tightens the stomach
  • Hula hooping is a fun activity for children and adults. The idea of this exercise is keep the hoop moving on your hips as long as possible. More you exercise more the calories will you burn. If you want to work your waist and hips, place the hula-hoop on the waist and move around. You could place it on arms and legs to tone the muscles in those areas
  • What are you waiting for? Switch on some fast-paced music and do a hula-hooping dance. This exercise will not only revive and refresh you but will also help you in burning the unwanted fat

Legous Durable Steel Spring Hula Hoop Body Building Exercise

How To Hula Hoop

Here's an easy two-step lesson on how to hula hoop

1. Make sure you have the right size of hula hoop

  • If you're using a kid-sized hoop, forget it! Most hula hoops that you can buy at stores like Target or Toys R Us are kid-sized. Unless you're the size a child, a child-sized hoop is not going to work for you - especially not if you're a beginner! You'll save yourself a lot of heartache (and gain a lot of fun) if you make or buy a hoop that's the right size for you
  • What's the right size? Try this: Stand with your hoop in front of you. The general rule of thumb is that a hoop should be between stomach and nipple height, although some compensation should be made for your waist size, too. General rule of thumb: The bigger you are, the bigger the hoop should be. Larger hoops will rotate slower, making getting started easier. Smaller than that will make the hoop rotate faster, which is more challenging, but also better for doing tricks and exercizing

2. Put one foot in front of the other, and shift your weight

  • Hold the hoop against your back. You can start it a little above your waist. Then, push the hoop around your waist, and shift your weight back and forth on your feet to keep the hoop moving.
  • Easier said than done? Having trouble "keeping it up"? Here are some more tips:
  • Many people try to move their hips in a circle with the hoop. This actually makes hooping much harder. Try this: put one foot in front of the other and just shift your weight back and forth from foot to foot. It's less of a circular hip motion and more of just a rocking or pumping motion.
  • In terms of which direction to hoop in, try 'em both! You'll know right away which one is right for you. I've found that right handed people generally hoop counter-clockwise, while lefties go clockwise, but many people are exceptions to this rule
  • Most of all: be patient! It can take a while to get the hang of it - don't give up! If you get frustrated trying to get the hoop going around your waist, try hooping with your hands

Package Included:

  • 1 x Spring Hula Hoop