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Eighteen Lights Waterproof Dome Camera Housing Cover


Waterproof hemisphere camera crust, a perfect crust for your camera. It has features of dustproof, waterproof, wind and sand proof, rain and snow proof, and it is suitable for outdoor, beach, swimming pool and under water usage.While ensuring full pr...
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  • A perfect crust for your camera
  • 18 lights hemisphere camera crust
  • The crust has features of dustproof, waterproof, wind and sand proof, rain and sow proof
  • It is suitable for outdoor, beach, swimming pool and under usage
  • Ensuring full protection to your camera
  • It makes you enjoy the fun of picture shooting 
  • It is the necessary standard equipment for indoor or outdoor activities

DIY: Waterproof Camera Housing

  • A waterproof camera housing unit will allow pictures or video to be taken under water without the worry of destroying expensive camera equipment. Retail units cost anywhere from $100 to $300, so you may wish for an affordable, easy to make alternative.

What you Need

  • You need two unlubricated clear condoms, a cylindrical cardboard tube approximately or at least bigger then the size of the zoom on the camera (toilet paper or paper towel roll will most likely do), a silica bag (can be pulled out of most vitamin bottles) and wetsuit glue.

What to Do

  • Take a paper towel cardboard roll center and cut 1/4-inch longer then the camera when it is fully zoomed. Place the cardboard cylinder around the zoom to protect the gears of the zoom features. Open a condom. If there is talcum on it or an you were unable to find an unlubricated condom, unroll it and rinse. Take the condom and slowly (so it does not tear or break) roll it over the camera and cardboard cylinder. Drop a silica bag in the condom with the camera (away from the lens) to prevent condensation. Once the entire camera is covered, twist the end of the condom. Use wetsuit glue on the side farthest from the camera and allow it to dry (approximately 5-10 minutes to be safe). Take the second condom, open the package, and repeat the step of rinsing if necessary and putting the condom over the camera and cardboard fixture for a second layer. Again twist the condom/camera to make it airtight and apply wetsuit glue. Be careful to avoid tearing the condom or being rough with the use of the camera when under water.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Camera Crust