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Happicity Bloody Nail through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick


We all know that playing tricks is an essential part in a party as it can incite people's feelings and excitement. A well-meaning trick brings vitality and incitement during a party. Here a kind of trick toy will be introduced to you. It is...
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  • This fake nail through finger trick can fool most people
  • The nail is bent around your finger but the bandage makes it look as if it has gone right through and you are bleeding
  • Plastic nail with fabric bandage makes fake nail realistic injury
  • Gag nail through finger is a simple illusion which never fails to make us laugh
  • This fake nail magic prank trick is suitable for people of age 3 and up
  • This fake nail is not just a nail, but also a trick toy to make others surprised and scared
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: Approx. 69mm/2.7in (Length) 


Happicity Bloody Nail through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick

  • This fake nail is of semicircular space in the middle to let your finger go across it

Happicity Bloody Nail through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick

  • There is a bandage of blood covering the middle of the fake nail, very vivid design

Happicity Bloody Nail through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick

  • The nail through finger is with a very sharp point to give person more illusions

Happicity Bloody Nail through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick

  • This fake nail with blood bandage makes it realistic injury when put on your finger

Happicity Bloody Nail through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick

  • This fake finger is wrapped in a lovely and colourful card

How to Scare Trick or Treaters?

Happicity Bloody Nail through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick

  • We've all seen those life size props people place on their porch in honor of Halloween. It's usually a scarecrow, witch or some other ghoulish creature hanging out on the front porch as pure decoration. You can scare trick or treaters by making that life size decoration come to life. The fearful trick is not to animate your prop but to become the prop yourself. Stay still as a dead stick as you listen to the trick or treaters admire your porch ornament. Then abruptly come to life, a sure way to scare trick or treaters-and anyone else who be happens to be near


  • Dress up in old clothes. You can go for a scarecrow look with an old pair of dungarees, overalls, big boots and hay stuffed in your shirt buttonholes, cuffs and sticking out of your boots. You can do the witch look with a long, black gown and cape, again with big boots. A warewolf is another fun life size prop to have on your porch. Again, use old clothes and stuff tufts of fake fur around your boot tops and shirt cuffs. You need every part of your skin covered so wear a pair of gloves
  • Fix your face. You want to make your face as lifeless as possible. A mask of any sort works well for this, as does full facial makeup. The witch will want green makeup with a fake hook nose, found at costume stores. The warewolf should have a brown face with big sideburns and beard. Find the makeup and fake fur at costume and novelty shops
  • Don a wig or hat. Finish off your lifeless look by fully covering your real hair with an old hat or fake hair in the form of a wig. Scarecrows work well in straw hats, witches are notorious for their pointy black hats and werewolves can have more fake fur and a humorous baseball cap atop their heads
  • Set up your station. Place a chair near the entrance of your house where trick or treaters are sure to tread. This can be on your front porch, in the yard near the sidewalk leading up to your door or in the house itself in the foyer, as long as it is visible to those who come knocking at your door
  • Practice your pose. Sit in the chair and stay absolutely still until the time is right to jump up, stand up and scare the trick or treaters. While sitting, imagine you are a floppy rag doll. Keep your body loose and limp as a lifeless prop. Hang your head forward and let your arms dangle to the side. The more lifeless you appear while you're waiting to pounce, the better your trick will work

Funny Practical Jokes:

Happicity Bloody Nail through Finger Joke Gag Gift & Prank Trick

Practical jokes aren't just for April Fool's Day. Most people have a story of a funny practical joke they had played on them or can recall a time when they played a practical joke on someone. Practical jokes range from simple to complicated, clean to dirty. When deciding which practical joke to play, make sure it is harmless to the recipient -- and be ready in case he decides to take a little revenge

  • Home. Nearly every room at home has potential to host funny practical jokes. Catch your victim first thing in the morning in her bedroom by putting shaving or whipped cream on their hand while she sleeps. After a little tickle on her face, it will be full of foam. In the bathroom, a little salt or pepper on your victim's toothbrush will give her a mouthful of surprise. In the living room, consider creating a fake spill on the floor, table or furniture. To make your own spilled coffee practical joke, fill a cup with brown paint and pour it out onto wax paper. After it dries, peel it off the paper and lay it down for your victim to find
  • Food. Manipulating the taste or the look of food can result in a funny practical joke on several victims at once. Offer drinks to your family or guests with a "secret ingredient" of lemon juice, salt or vinegar. Drop a raisin in your victims drink and when they reach the bottom, they'll think a bug landed in their drink. Offer your victim a hard-boiled egg, but hand them a regular, unboiled egg instead
  • Office. Nothing is more frustrating to an avid computer user than trouble with the computer or its accessories. A simple, harmless way to play a computer practical joke is by manipulating the mouse. Tape a piece of paper over the optical eye on the mouse. When the user tries moving the mouse, the cursor won't move. Another way to confuse the victim of your practical joke is to set his home Internet page to something unusual

Package Included:

  • 1 x Fake Nail Through Finger