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Jeryerce Portable Professional 3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon Nikon DSLR SLR


For a photographer, the nature of the photos is very important. So we need the camera flash diffuser to reduce or decrease the light which comes from the flash light. Here our produce can meet your needs.This pop-up flash diffuser is for use on Canon...
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  • The camera flash diffuser for Canon is very easy to use, just slot into your camera's hot shoe
  • The light that passes through the pop-up flash diffuser and on to the film will create an even density
  • The 3-color best flash diffuser helps to eliminate the shadow of your lens as well
  • The pop-up flash diffuser is made of translucent polyethylene material which is very durable
  • With flexible, wear-resisting, tensile strength and compressive resistance, you will buy this camera flash diffuser
  • With this pop-up flash diffuser, disperses the light over a wider area for a softer, more balanced and natural effect than you didn't use before
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Size: 130 x 90 x 15mm/5.1 x 3.5 x 0.6in(L x W x H)
  • Material: Polyethylene

Compatible with:

  • Canon: EOS 10D 20D 20Da 300D/Digital Rebel 30D 40D 350D/Digital Rebel Cti 400D  D30   D60  Canon Powershot Pro 1
  • FUJI: 6900 Zoom S1Pro S2 Pro S20 Pro S3 Pro S5 Pro S602Z S7000Z S9000 S9000Z S9100 S6000fd ls_1
  • HP: Photosmart C912
  • Nikon: N80 D100 D200 D300 D40 D40x D50 D70 D70s D80
  • SONY: a 100 DSC-R1
  • Kodak: DCS 330 Pro 14n Pro SLR/n
  • LYCRA: V-LUX 1 Olympus:E-400,E-410,E-500
  • Panasonic: Lumix DMC-FZ50


Jeryerce Portable Professional 3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon Nikon DSLR SLR

  • There are three colors that you can use them according to your needs to the light

Jeryerce Portable Professional 3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon Nikon DSLR SLR

  • The flash diffuser softens and disperses the light from your camera's pop-up flash

Jeryerce Portable Professional 3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon Nikon DSLR SLR

  • It packs completely flat for convenient storage in your camera bag or pocket

Jeryerce Portable Professional 3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon Nikon DSLR SLR

  • The white best flash diffuser can disperses the light that produce the natural photos

Jeryerce Portable Professional 3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon Nikon DSLR SLR

  • This fits over the head of your existing flash, no need for cumbersome attachments, hooks

How to Install Janco 3-Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser:

Jeryerce Portable Professional 3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon Nikon DSLR SLR

Getting the most from your digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera can mean adding accessories to extend your camera's capabilities. Pop-up flashes provide additional light when needed to produce well-lighted photographs. However, their design has several limitations. The flashes are small and located close to the subject-to-camera axis. This creates harsh shadows and often contributes to red eye, a condition in which the flash enters a portrait subject's eye and illuminates the back wall of the retina, producing an eerie red glow. Add-on flash modifiers like the Janco three-color pop-up flash diffuser for Canon cameras can reduce the flaws imparted by this flash design


  • Turn on your camera's pop-up flash. Canon DSLRs have a button marked with the flash symbol (a lightning-shaped arrow pointing down) above a small button on the front of the camera, below and to the left of the flash, when the camera is held in the picture-taking position
  • Note that the manual pop-up button will not work in Full Auto or in preset modes. If flash lighting is required for any of these settings, pressing the shutter button down partway will cause the camera to pop up the flash automatically. The flash may not pop up in all situations, particularly when using landscape mode
  • Fit the diffuser over your flash by orienting the curved face toward your subject and sliding the diffuser over the top of the flash so that it covers the entire face of the flash. Compose your photograph and shoot as you normally would. Because these Canon models use through-the-lens metering interactively with flash illumination, the camera should adjust its exposure automatically to compensate for the diffuser
  • Adjust the camera's exposure compensation setting if your photograph still requires more light when used with the diffuser. Press the exposure compensation button on the camera back, marked with the letters "Av" and a plus/minus symbol. While holding the button with your thumb, use your index finger to move the setting to the right using the data wheel next to the shutter button. Experiment with the setting for best results

How the Flash Diffuser on a Camera Works:

Jeryerce Portable Professional 3 Color Pop-Up Flash Diffuser for Canon Nikon DSLR SLR


Flash diffusion works by scattering direct, or columnar, light to create a softer light with fewer sharp edges on shadows. In photography, diffuse light is preferable to direct light because it creates fewer shadows in facial wrinkles and folds and creates softer, more pleasing shadows

Translucent Diffusers

  • The most common way of diffusing camera flash is to place one of several devices between the light source and the photographic subject. Although these materials are always translucent, they vary in how they work
  • The most common flash diffuser is a light translucent cover with radial lines. As the photons from the flash tube pass through these lines, they are scattered in different directions. This scattering effect is the diffusion. All on-camera flashes and many hot shoe flashes have this type of diffusion by design. Some cameras and hot shoe flashes have an additional radial diffusion panel that can be either placed on the flash or flipped down over the flash
  • Translucent flash covers, with a milky appearance, can be placed over the existing flash for more diffusion. These can be either plastic caps that fit over the front of the flash or cloth boxes that mount over the entire flash unit. The milky nature of the material scatters the photons far more than radial flash diffusers. These types of diffusers come at a cost in effective flash distance. The extreme scattering of photons means that less light falls directly on the subject, reducing the distance at which the flash is effective
  • In some cases, simple household materials can be used as a flash diffuser. In a pinch, photographers have held or taped napkins, plastic, paper or tissues to the front of the flash to create a homemade diffuser

Reflective Diffusers

  • Reflective flash diffusers scatter the light from the flash by using the reflective properties of certain materials. Some on flash cloth diffusers also use reflection to further soften the light. In these devices, the flash is pointed upward at a reflective surface that then transfers the light outward through the milky white cloth
  • Another common flash diffuser is a reflective photographic umbrella. The diffusion is a result of the light bouncing off the umbrellas reflective surface and scattering the light in different directions
  • Some hot shoe flashes allow the flash to use low ceilings and walls as reflective diffusers. The hot shoe flash can be tilted upward to reflect, or bounce, the light off light colored walls and ceilings. The result is similar to using a very large, diffuse light source

Package Included:

  • 3 x Pop-Up Flash Diffusers
  • 1 x Bracket