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Fire-maple FMT-T15 Shiny Convenient Titanium Spork


Are you tired of taking a set of knife and fork to go out for camping or outdoor sports? Do you want a spork really portable and practical? Are you looking for a durable and safe titanium spork? If any answer to these questions is "yes", no...
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  • This spork is made of high quality titanium, durable and tough for long time using
  • Featured with handle of perfect line, this titanium spork is comfortable to hold
  • Special fastening of this titanium spork provides much more convenience for you to take the spork
  • This titanium spork will work well even in the most abominable weather
  • It is a perfection combined by spoon and fork
  • You can take the titanium spork to go camping, hiking, cycling and any other outdoor sports
  • Size: 167 x 38mm/6.6 x 1.5in(L x W)
  • Suitable: Outdoor
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Titanium


Fire-maple FMT-T15 Shiny Convenient Titanium Spork

  • This spork combined by spoon and fork is popular with those who are crazy about outdoor sports and pay much attention to quality of life

Fire-maple FMT-T15 Shiny Convenient Titanium Spork

  • This titanium is the best choice for you to take for camping, cycling and any other outdoor sports

Fire-maple FMT-T15 Shiny Convenient Titanium Spork

  • Well manufacture with titanium, this spork is glossy and tough for long time using

Fire-maple FMT-T15 Shiny Convenient Titanium Spork

  • Handle is design with natural human hand line, making it comfortable to hold

Fire-maple FMT-T15 Shiny Convenient Titanium Spork

  • This spork is portable because it is featured with special fastening

Who Invented Sporks:

Fire-maple FMT-T15 Shiny Convenient Titanium Spork

A spork is an eating utensil that is the combination of a spoon and a fork. It has the curved dip of a spoon with prongs on the end like a fork and is often used to consolidate dinnerware


  • In the poem "The Owl and the Pussycat," Edward Lear wrote about a utensil that he called a runcible spoon. According to Merriam-Webster, the modern definition for runcible spoon is a sharp-edged fork with three broad curved prongs

Early Versions

  • In the late 1800s, the Folgate Silver Plate Company produced a version of the spork. In 1874 S. W. Francis invented a utensil like the spork but with a knife function as well


  • In the early 1900s, versions of the spork were produced and called cutting spoons. F. Emmenegger patented his spoon with prongs. These versions were the basis of the modern spork


  • While the spork has been produced since the early 1800s, the name spork did not apply until the mid 1900s when Hyde W. Ballard tried to register the name. His application was not completed

Modern Spork

  • The name spork is now registered as a hand tool in the United States, and this utensil is most often found in a plastic form and used in fast food restaurants like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Panda Express and Taco Bell

About Sporks:

Fire-maple FMT-T15 Shiny Convenient Titanium Spork

While some cultures still prefer eating their meals with nothing but their hands, most have developed a variety of tools for picking up and cutting foods. The spork is an unusual and strange-looking piece of cutlery that has a long history. Whether you enjoy eating with a spork, or find it to be a frustrating challenge, you may be interested in the history and story behind the tool

The Facts

  • The spork combines the tines of a fork and the bowl of a spoon. The spork appears to be a simple, shallow bowl spoon but it also features three to five short tines cut into the tip of the utensil. This allows the user to both scoop liquids and stab at solid foods. Unfortunately, most sporks have such a shallow bowl and short tines that they do not perform either task particularly well


  • Sporks were created at some point during the 1800s, although there is no clear proof of who invented it or exactly when. By the end of the 19th century, many workers and travelers carried one because it saved space over carrying a full set of cutlery, according to ChefsBest.org. The term "spork" has been recorded as being common in 1909, but the term wasn't patented until the Van Brode Milling Company did so in 1970. The claim has now lapsed. Some dictionaries and encyclopedias link the spork to the imaginary "runcible spoon" in one of Edward Lear's poems, but that spoon did not have any fork-like tines


  • Sporks carried by miners or journeymen were often carved from wood or hammered out of metal because they needed to be durable. Modern sporks are more commonly found made out of plastic because the fast-food restaurants and cafeterias that utilize them prefer the less-expensive disposable versions. Plastic cutlery makes a large impact on the environment, according to the BBC, so many companies now offer biodegradable sporks made from corn- or potato-based plastic


  • The basic spork offers only the bowl of a spoon and the tines of a fork. However, variations on this classic design improve the usability of the cutlery. A spork-like device also called a "cutting spoon" features a dull, serrated knife edge on the neck of the handle or the side of the bowl. This allows you to cut relatively soft pieces of meat or other foods. Sporks featuring extra-deep bowls or longer tines also make stabbing and scooping foods easier

Package Included:

  • 1 x Titanium Spork