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DeLi Frog Style Wooden Pen Holder with Memo Clip


Are you looking for a desk pen holder which looks very cute and beautiful? Are you looking for a desk pen holder that can make you happy when you see it? If you are looking one like this, you can buy our products. This desk pen holder is made of high...
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  • With the cute cartoon frog, this desk pen holder is very beautiful and fashionable
  • Made of high quality wood, this desk pen holder can be used for a long time
  • You can put many pens in this desk pen holder because of the large capacity
  • This kind of wood pencil holder is your best choice if you are the fan of cartoon
  • You can buy this wood pencil holder for your kids to express your care and love
  • This pen holder is very popular among young people for its beautiful and cute looks
  • Size: 8.5 x 7.1 x 4.9cm/3.3 x 2.8 x 1.9(H x W x T)
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Green


DeLi Frog Style Wooden Pen Holder with Memo Clip

  • Practical holds plenty of pens, pencils, rulers, markers and highlighters on your desktop

DeLi Frog Style Wooden Pen Holder with Memo Clip

  • Bright color of the harmony design brightens your desktop and room

DeLi Frog Style Wooden Pen Holder with Memo Clip

  • A clip on the top can help you to range some memo notes

DeLi Frog Style Wooden Pen Holder with Memo Clip

  • It can bring a lot of convenience to you if you have many pens

DeLi Frog Style Wooden Pen Holder with Memo Clip

  • The frog is very cute that you will like it

Pencil Holder Crafts:

DeLi Frog Style Wooden Pen Holder with Memo Clip

Stop searching for wayward writing utensils. Help your kids design decorative pencil holders to round up pencils, pens and scissors or craft supplies like markers, crayons and glue sticks. Once you teach your children the basic crafting technique, they'll be able to make the containers in sizes, shapes and colors that suit everyone's needs

Choose a Design

Before you begin the pencil holder craft project, determine what the container will hold and who will use it. Create pencil holders with multiple sections or layers to serve as catch-alls for desk supplies. Make wide containers for arts and craft supplies to avoid tipping over. Design smaller holders as teacher, grandparent or friend gifts that are not only handy, but also highly decorative

Gather Materials

Choose supplies to create pencil holder crafts that fit your budget. Design quick pencil holders using recycled containers like frozen juice concentrate canisters, milk cartons, soup cans or toilet paper tubes. Use terracotta pots, plastic beach buckets or wide-mouth vases to make more durable versions. To assemble the craft, you'll need scissors, glue and double-sided tape. Gather an assortment of decorative accents like foam shapes, plastic gems, stickers, die cuts, ribbon and buttons to let the kids customize each project to coordinate with the room decor, their favorite colors or a gift recipient's tastes and interests

Assemble the Project

Prepare the container before making the pencil holder. Thoroughly wash and dry recycled containers like milk cartons to eliminate sticky residue. If kids are using soup cans that have metal rims, run your finger around the edges. Use sandpaper or a metal file to smooth any sharp spots. Customize the height of the pencil holder to make writing utensils easier to grab by cutting tall containers to size. Cut the top off of tall milk cartons to create 5-inch-tall containers, for example. Design pencil holders with three compartments by cutting toilet paper or paper towel tubes into various heights and binding the sections together with glue or double-stick tape. Affix a piece of cardboard to the bottom with glue to keep items from falling out. Use items like vases, pails and flower pots "as is" without making structural changes

Decorate the Pencil Holder

Personalize the decorative pencil cup with patterned paper and embellishments. If you're making a desk accessory for a traveler, for instance, cover the container with snippets from an old map or travel magazines. A teacher might like a pencil holder featuring school colors or apple paper, while a grandmother will appreciate a container covered with her grandchild's painted or hand-drawn artwork. Use double-stick tape to adhere the paper to the pencil holder. Add dimensional accents like buttons or gems around the top and bottom with glue. Allow adhesives and designs to dry before filling the pencil holder with utensils. Wrap a gift pencil holder in tissue and enclose it in a gift bag along with an assortment of pencils and pens

How to Fix Pen Holder:

DeLi Frog Style Wooden Pen Holder with Memo Clip

Pen holders are often the victim of office mishaps, whether from falling off a desk or being thrown in anger after something goes wrong. When the budget is tight and a new pen holder is unlikely to make its way to your office until the new fiscal year, take stopgap measures to restore your broken pen holder to its former days of glory


  • Assemble the pieces of the broken pen holder in a vague outline of its original form, making sure that all (or most) of the pieces are found
  • Apply a thin layer of superglue to one of the pieces and stick it to its neighboring piece(s)
  • Hold the pieces together in position until the glue sets, which usually takes anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes
  • Repeat with the other fragmented pieces until the pen holder is reassembled once more

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pen Holder