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Germany National Flag 3 x 5ft


This is the national flag of Germany. Best-wearing, long lasting flag. This national country flag is deal for flags flown daily in high-wind areas. This national flag of high quality material. Printed onto durable, cloth, this National Flag offe...
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  • Brand new cloth Germany flag
  • The charm features rectangular flag is featured by three red, yellow and black strips which represents the Germany country 
  • This Germany flag with lightweight fabric will fly even in gentle breezes
  • Excellent national flag for you to hung on the national festivals
  • One side has string inside which is easy to be fastened everywhere 
  • High quality and good workmanship this national flag is durable for your daily use
  • Size: 1440 x 960mm/58 x 38 in(L x W)


Germany National Flag 3 x 5ft

Germany National Flag 3 x 5ft

  • For outdoor display, this national flag of Germany is made from good fabric specially treated to minimize sun and chemical deterioration

Germany National Flag 3 x 5ft

  • Printed onto durable, cloth, this national flag offers stunning visual impact as a versatile decoration for patriotic parties, town twinnings, school exchange displays and international corporate events

Germany National Flag 3 x 5ft

Germany National Flag 3 x 5ft

  • This medium-sized national country flag decoration is suitable for both indoor and outdoor display

Flags of the World Activity

Germany National Flag 3 x 5ft

Flags are used throughout the world to represent beliefs, culture, and history of individual countries. Because national pride is so deeply entwined with flag symbolism, people can become very passionate about their country's flag. This activity will introduce the concept of flag symbolism and allow students to create their own flags of the world. This unit is appropriate for students in first through third grade

Discussion and Activation

  • Show the students the modern United States flag. Present the Sun Sentinel's interactive presentation, "U.S. flag: its meaning, design and history" on a large projector screen. Give each student a blank copy of the U.S. flag. Have students write several sentences about why a country needs a flag and what they know about the symbolism of the U.S. flag

Choose a Country

  • Have students choose a country of the world or let them draw one from a hat. Instruct students to research their country. Have students list facts about their country, including: official language, industries, climate, religion/culture, and date of establishment

Flag Research

  • Instruct students to research the flag of their countries. Students should write a paragraph or two about the symbolism of their country's flag. The report should relate the symbolism to other facts that students have learned about their countries

Design a New Flag

  • Challenge students to design a new flag for their country. The new symbolism for the flags should relate to their knowledge of their countries. Give students plain paper to draw their new flag designs

Make the Flag

  • Assign students to create their flags using actual fabric. You may wish to make this part of the project a homework assignment, giving the students time to complete the project


  • Students present their flags to the class along with their oral presentations. They must explain the symbolism used in the flag and how it relates to their countries. Hang the students' final projects around the classroom. This makes a great display for an open house or PTA night

How to Fly a Country Courtesy Flag

Germany National Flag 3 x 5ft

Betsy Ross is the individual credited with sewing the first American flag in May of 1776. Although there were no federal or state regulations governing the display of the United States Flag previous to Flag Day, June 14, 1923, the national guidelines, Public Law 94-344 (known as the Federal Flag Code) are very specific for the displaying of the flag alongside of courtesy flags

  • Choose the location. If you are hanging a courtesy flag on a pole along with the American flag, the American flag should be hoisted first
  • Place the American flag to the furthest right. If the American flag is displayed with a courtesy flag against a wall, it should always be on the right side with the staff crossed in front of the courtesy flag
  • Position the American flagpole at the center. If you are hanging the American flag with several courtesy flags on separate poles, the American flagpole should be placed in the center and at the highest point
  • Raise and lower the American flag first

Package Included:

  • 1 x National Flag