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Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier


Want to know how your jewelers are going on? Don't know the jewelers are worthy or not? Then you can have a try of this Jewelers Loupe, at least you can judge them with your own eyes.This round eye jeweler's loupe with one magnifying lens, the shape ...
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  • 100% brand new and high quality of this Jewelers Loupe
  • Compact size for easy storage and carry this Jewelers Loupe
  • Anti-slip design and easy use this Glass Magnifier
  • 3 times magnification power of this Jewelers Loupe
  • Magnifer with a light(powed by two AA battery not included)
  • The light is long time used
  • Clip on design of this Jewelers Magnifier
  • Lens Diameter: 44mm/1.7in


Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier

  • This round eye jeweler's loupe with one magnifying lens, the shape allows your jewelry to rest comfortably in the eye socket

Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier

  • It is excellent for any application where magnification is needed. In terms of performance, they are second to none

Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier

  • With the press button on the handle of this Jewelers Loupe, you can adjust the Jewelers Magnifier to fit your need when you are looking at your jewelers

Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier

  • Small body design helps you to take this loup with you anywhere you go as you can even put it in your pocket

Size in Detail:

Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier

How to Judge the Value of Jewelry:

Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier

Judging the value of a piece of real jewelry comes when you understand the different types of gold used in jewelry making. The labels and markings can be very misleading if you don't have a working knowledge of gold to begin with. The labels will only give you a name. They really tell you nothing about the actual content or value of the jewelry piece. Understanding the value of a piece of jewelry has to do mainly with what it's made of. Knowing what you are actually getting when you see the stamps or the wording on the tag will assure you that you're getting the greatest value for your money.


  • Weigh your diamond jewelry in carats but measure your gold's purity in karats. A carat is a unit of weight used by jewelers in weighing gemstones, as in a 3 carat diamond engagement ring. A karat is also a unit of measurement but it gives the amount of pure gold in a piece of gold jewelry. For example, something that is 24 karat gold is pure gold. This is the most expensive gold that you can buy but be aware that 24k gold is soft and malleable and it is generally considered too fragile for jewelry so it probably isn't actually a good deal when buying jewelry
  • Know your terms and then read the tags. If you are told that a piece of jewelry is solid gold, this doesn't mean it is 100 percent gold. What it does mean is that it's not a hollow piece like an empty locket would be. Solid gold doesn't refer to the purity of the piece, however. Solid gold can refer to 24 karat or 10 karat as long as it is a solid piece all the way through. So you can buy a really cheap 10 karat bracelet and still honestly brag that it's ‘solid gold.'
  • Understand the different karats available. Gold comes in 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k and 10k. The higher the number of karats involved, the higher the percentage of gold that's in the jewelry. It's illegal to call anything gold that is not at least 10k gold in the jewelry industry. Alloys are added to the gold for strength and durability so the higher the number the less alloy is involved and usually the lower numbers are actually the strongest pieces. The higher numbers give greater color and the lower ones giver greater strength, so choose one that fits your need. Know your colors. All gold that is mined is gold in color but to meet the demand for individual tastes and to offer diversity, the gold is mixed with other metals to form alloys that will be different colors
  • If there is a GP next to the number it means that the piece is gold plated or coated over with that kind of gold. It may be a sterling silver piece with 14k gold layered over it. There is also GF (gold filled), RGP (rolled gold plate) and Gold Overlay. Know that gold electroplate has a thinner layer of gold and gold flashed or gold washed has the thinnest of all. Vermeil gold jewelry is 92.5 percent sterling silver that is coated with real gold. These are all pieces not made entirely of gold that can chip or crack and even wear off in time
  • Know your colors. Real gold is mixed with alloys to create other colors. Silver and gold mixtures create "green gold", a mixture of nickel or palladium and gold creates the popular white gold, and copper in differing amounts will create "rose gold." These are all alloys, mixed together and their color will stay consistent through the piece so there's no worry about the color wearing off. These alloys are not inexpensive and are still referred to as real gold as there is enough gold in them. They are often used in beautiful pieces and you can trust their value but the karat as you would yellow gold
  • Educating yourself about the current prices of gold will be the last thing you need to know before purchasing a piece of gold jewelry. Armed with information and prices, you can be assured that you're getting the best value for your jewelry dollar

Package Included:

  • 1 x Glass Jeweler Loupe Eye Magnifier