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Camesovy Hemispherical Style Night Vision Infrared LED Array Illuminator Light IR100DE


The best home security systems must be reliable, yet aesthetically unobtrusive. In this regard, infrared (IR) or "night vision" cameras are more than up to the task. Luckily, there are several strategies for building your own powerful IR illuminator ...
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  • Power Source: DC+12V / AC 24V(Optional)
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • IR Optical Output: 1,800mW
  • IR Half Power Angle / Full Angle: 120° / 180°
  • IR Wavelength: 850nm
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Size: 2.5"


  • High Brightness: The optical output of single LED Array is about 1,000 mW~4,000mW, the brightness is 100 times than that of normal single LED, so it can be much clearer using our products
  • Small Size: LED Array, which is highly integration LED, the size is smaller than other IR products under the same index of brightness
  • Symmetrical Ray The Half Power: Angle of LED Array illuminator is about 10°~120°(transformable), which can bring 180°light-emitting area, solving the problem than the common led light can not cover every area of house and there is a unsymmetrical image on screen, just like the electric torch
  • Long Nature Life: LED Array can use for 50,000h(available in 10,000h), longer than that of common led 6,000h (available in 1,200h),it is as 9 times as common one
  • High Efficiency: The electronic light conversion of led is only for 10%, special designed with LED Array, the effect of conversion is about 25%


Camesovy Hemispherical Style Night Vision Infrared LED Array Illuminator Light IR100DE

  • IR night vision LED light

Camesovy Hemispherical Style Night Vision Infrared LED Array Illuminator Light IR100DE

  • High brightness small size

What is a LED Array?

  • If you have experience soldering printed circuit boards (PCB), the light-emitting diode (LED) array approach might prove to be the less expensive option. While you might be more familiar with the 5mm-wide LEDs that emit visible light, LEDs that only emit certain wavelengths of IR light also exist. For the purposes of illumination, you'll want to get IR LEDs that emit 850nm light, as longer wavelengths (e.g. 950nm) typically work better for signaling applications like TV remote controls

What is an IR Filters?

  • Known as "cold mirrors" or "infrared transmitting filters," special glasses reflect virtually all visible light while allowing only infrared photons to pass through them. Popular in military and law enforcement operations, these filters can be placed over car headlights or high-power flood lights to completely block all visible photons, leaving only a strong, penetrating source of infrared radiation. Plus, unlike LEDs, these filters allow a range of frequencies through, making them compatible with almost all types of infrared night-vision devices.

How to Use the Infra Red Illuminator with the ATN Night Spirit Night Vision?

  • An Infra Red (IR) Illuminator is used in night vision equipment where there is insufficient light to see an object. The Infra Red light significantly improves the visibility, which is often compromised at night. Objects that are hardly visible to the naked eye can be detected through an Infra Red illuminator. You can also use the 450 mW IR Illuminator with the ATN Night Spirit Night Vision Monocular to enhance visibility. Here's how you can use the Infra Red Illuminator with the ATN Night Spirit Night Vision Monocular.


  • Pull out the operation knob and twist it to the "IR" position
  • Begin using the Infra Red Illuminator.
  • Using the 450 mW IR Illuminator
  • Use the 450 mW IR Illuminator with the help of a separate battery, not the battery supplied with the main unit.
  • Install the battery by unscrewing the cap and inserting the battery in the direction depicted by the diagram on the IR.
  • Screw the adapter into the thread on the scope.
  • Install IR to the rail of adapter and screw in the fixator.
  • Turn on the digital IR illuminator by pressing the "+" button and turn it off by pressing the "-" button. The green LED light will be lit when the IR illuminator is turned on.
  • Adjust the IR brightness by pushing "+" and "-" buttons.
  • Change the IR beam width to adjust the field coverage and to bring it into focus. To do this, simply turn the IR lens.
  • Use the screw tool provided with your set to open the IR control panel and change the position of the IR.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hemispherical Array IR Infrared Night Vision LED Light