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Homoiothermal Indoor / Outdoor Camera Housing JZ-15D


Heavy-duty environmental camera housing lets you take compatible camera and use it for indoor / outdoor applications. Home security cameras increase in popularity every year. As crime increases, people feel strongly lead to increase security in their...
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  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Made of aluminum alloy and with a glass front window
  • Easy to install and very convenient
  • Ensures maximum protection against water, dust, heat
  • Water resistance and weather resistance for outdoor use


Homoiothermal Indoor / Outdoor Camera Housing JZ-15D

  • Water resistance for outdoor use

How to Choose the Best Housing for a Home Security Camera:

  • Choose dome housing for your camera if you would like to be able to capture a 360-degree angle
  • Choose dome housing for your camera if you need to block certain areas from being viewed
  • Consider dome camera housing if you need to be able to view hard to see areas such as objects located around a corner
  • Consider a mini camera that has very small housing if you need to be able to conceal the camera so that the only person who can see it is the one who placed it
  • Consider a camera with large, noticeable housing if one of your top goals is to deter criminal activity; that way would-be-criminals immediately notice its presence
  • Consider housing for your camera that is as damage proof and strong as possible if your camera is going to be used in an area known for high crime rates
  • Consider water proof camera housing if your camera is going to be exposed to moisture
  • Consider camera housing that will adapt to drastic changes in temperature if your camera is going to be exposed to hot or cold temperatures
  • Read reviews of home security cameras once you have decided what type of camera housing will best suit your needs. Magazines such as Consumer Reports are great resources. This magazine and others like it do not accept money from the companies whose goods they are testing. So you can be confident that the information you find on security camera housing is accurate rather than biased towards a company that paid the magazine for a good review of its product
  • Complete your research on the Internet. Forums on the Web are great places to ask questions about products such as housing for home security cameras. You will be able to talk to people who have already used the product you may be interested in purchasing

Package Included:

  • 1 x Camera Housing