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Happicity Hot Toothpicks Fun Practical Joke Gadgets


Playing tricks is a key link in a party as it can incite people's feelings and excitement. What we have here is the hot toothpicks, which will bring you so much fun during a party.The hot toothpicks are very interesting to play with. Before the party...
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  • The longer you use these toothpicks, the hotter they become
  • Definitely harmless to your health and fun to your life
  • Each pack comes with 3 toothpicks, sealed in plastic to preserve all the goodness
  • You can mix them with regular toothpicks and watch the fun when someone happens to pick one
  • These fun gadgets can make your party more interesting and bring you more fun
  • Thesefun toothpicks are suitable for dinner party
  • Length: 6cm/2.4in
  • Color: Beige


Happicity Hot Toothpicks Fun Practical Joke Gadgets

  • Elegant toothpicks in fine workmanship will be your best choice to make other happy

Happicity Hot Toothpicks Fun Practical Joke Gadgets

  • Get some magic for yourself today with these hot toothpicks

Happicity Hot Toothpicks Fun Practical Joke Gadgets

  • Three toothpicks in one packet to make you enjoy yourself at a party

Happicity Hot Toothpicks Fun Practical Joke Gadgets

  • The size of these trick toys is just the same to the regular toothpicks 

Happicity Hot Toothpicks Fun Practical Joke Gadgets

  • Well packed fun gadgets will give you surprise during a party

Funny Practical Jokes:

Happicity Hot Toothpicks Fun Practical Joke Gadgets

Practical jokes aren't just for April Fool's Day. Most people have a story of a funny practical joke they had played on them or can recall a time when they played a practical joke on someone. Practical jokes range from simple to complicated, clean to dirty. When deciding which practical joke to play, make sure it is harmless to the recipient -- and be ready in case he decides to take a little revenge

  • Home. Nearly every room at home has potential to host funny practical jokes. Catch your victim first thing in the morning in her bedroom by putting shaving or whipped cream on their hand while she sleeps. After a little tickle on her face, it will be full of foam. In the bathroom, a little salt or pepper on your victim's toothbrush will give her a mouthful of surprise. In the living room, consider creating a fake spill on the floor, table or furniture. To make your own spilled coffee practical joke, fill a cup with brown paint and pour it out onto wax paper. After it dries, peel it off the paper and lay it down for your victim to find
  • Food. Manipulating the taste or the look of food can result in a funny practical joke on several victims at once. Offer drinks to your family or guests with a "secret ingredient" of lemon juice, salt or vinegar. Drop a raisin in your victims drink and when they reach the bottom, they'll think a bug landed in their drink. Offer your victim a hard-boiled egg, but hand them a regular, unboiled egg instead
  • Office. Nothing is more frustrating to an avid computer user than trouble with the computer or its accessories. A simple, harmless way to play a computer practical joke is by manipulating the mouse. Tape a piece of paper over the optical eye on the mouse. When the user tries moving the mouse, the cursor won't move. Another way to confuse the victim of your practical joke is to set his home Internet page to something unusual

How to Play a Practical Joke:

Happicity Hot Toothpicks Fun Practical Joke Gadgets

  • Remember: The more people involved in a practical joke, the funnier it is. And a victim's mom or spouse is almost always a willing helper
  • Write a message on the mark's lawn with Ortho lawn fertilizer. It's a white powder that washes away easily with a hose. Later, the message will come back in lush, green grass
  • Fill a showerhead with powdered Kool-Aid. (RIT dye is not safe and should never be used.)
  • Make up 20 or so notes that say "I'm sorry I damaged your car. Please call this number and I will take care of the repairs." Leave the notes on cars in a mall parking lot. Use your mark's pager number
  • Tell two strangers who will later be introduced to each other that the other person is hard of hearing and speaks loudly. Be sure to emphasize that the other person is very sensitive about it. Then introduce them
  • Put Gummi Bears in just about any food. They even hold up well in soup or chili - as long as the candy isn't microwaved
  • Mail the mark a package at his office. The larger the package, the better, because more people will notice. Put an embarrassing label on the box - like "Extra Strength Body Hair Removal Kit Enclosed." Use your imagination
  • Invite your mark to lunch. Hire a belly dancer to dine with him instead

Package Included:

  • 3 x Toothpicks