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Oppon Portable AA Emergency Battery Charger for iPod


What you are viewing is a Portable AA Emergency Battery Charger for iPod, for easy and convenient to charge your iPod, this Emergency Battery Charger is a great choice for you!The iPod Battery Charger is with compact and lightweight design, conv...
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  • New generic AA battery emergency charger
  • Instantly recharge your iPod with two easily accessible AA batteries
  • Compact and lightweight emergency power charger
  • Great for travel, camping or in any emergency situation
  • No need for a heavy, bulky AC adapter
  • Innovative retractable design cuts down on travel bulk and ensures the portability of your MP3 player without sacrificing functionality. No more tangled cable mess
  • Never run out of battery power
  • Always use new batteries. For best result, do not interrupt the emergency charging phase [ex. access the Emergency Battery Charger or unplug the battery] until the battery is completely drained or the device's battery is full
  • This is a non-OEM pruduct

Compatible with:

  • iPod 3rd Gen 40GB, 30GB, 15GB, 10GB, 20GB
  • iPod classic 160GB, 80GB, 120GB
  • iPod 4th Gen 20GB (Color Display), 30GB (Color Display), 60GB (Color Display), 40GB (Photo), 60GB (Photo), U2 Special Edition, 20GB, 40GB
  • iPod nano 1st Gen 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
  • iPod video 60GB, 30GB, 80GB, U2 Special Edition
  • iPod mini 6GB, 4GB
  • iPod nano 2nd Gen 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
  • iPod nano 3rd Gen 4GB, 8GB
  • iPod touch 16GB, 32GB, 8G
  • Not compatible with iPod nano 3rd Generation / iPhone / iPhone 3G


Oppon Portable  AA Emergency Battery Charger for iPod

  • The Emergency Battery Charger is compact and lightweight, easy to take with you

Oppon Portable  AA Emergency Battery Charger for iPod

Oppon Portable  AA Emergency Battery Charger for iPod

  • New generic iPod Battery Charger, provides great performance and stability

Oppon Portable  AA Emergency Battery Charger for iPod

Oppon Portable  AA Emergency Battery Charger for iPod

  • High quality material makes the Emergency Battery Charger durable and reliable for long time use

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Package Included:

  • 1 x Emergency Charger for iPod