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Camesovy 66 LEDs 850nm Infrared CCTV Camera Illuminator S8150-160


Allow your camera to see in total darkness. This is a simple and effective way of discreetly illuminating an area where cameras are operating in the dark. Simply power the infrared camera illuminator and position it in the direction of images be...
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  • Outdoor Visible Distance: 150m
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Power Supply: DC12V+AC24V
  • Power: 10W
  • Angle: 160°
  • Numbers of LED: 66PCSφ3mm180°LED
  • Dimension: 11.5 x 11.5 x 6cm / 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.4in(L x W x H)
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Supplied regulated DC12V+AC24V required for use with this illuminator
  • This infrared camera illuminator is great for insufficient illumination major problem with concealed video security


Camesovy 66 LEDs 850nm Infrared CCTV Camera Illuminator S8150-160

  • This infrared camera illuminator adopts infrared light-emitting diode array technology, which can bring the best and clearest visual and monitoring effects

Camesovy 66 LEDs 850nm Infrared CCTV Camera Illuminator S8150-160

  • Supplied regulated DC12V+AC24V required for use with this infrared camera illuminator

Camesovy 66 LEDs 850nm Infrared CCTV Camera Illuminator S8150-160

  •  This LED infrared illuminator is great for insufficient illumination major problem with concealed video security

Camesovy 66 LEDs 850nm Infrared CCTV Camera Illuminator S8150-160

  • Highly integration LED array

Camesovy 66 LEDs 850nm Infrared CCTV Camera Illuminator S8150-160

  • Waterproof IP65

Camesovy 66 LEDs 850nm Infrared CCTV Camera Illuminator S8150-160

  • Easy port

Types of Illuminators:

  • Infrared Illuminators
    Security cameras are known to have infrared illuminators built in them. Infrared illuminators are usually associated with nighttime viewing and are commonly used for surveillance purposes Surveillance Video reports that these types of illuminators "are generally used with black-and-white cameras because these cameras have greater sensitivity to infrared light." Infrared illuminators use light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, to transmit light, according to Surveillance Video.
  • Fiber Optic Illuminators
  • A spotlight is a type of fiber optic illuminator
  • "Fiber optic illuminators are often referred to as 'cold light' illuminators because they provide high-intensity, focused light without the heat typically associated with high-intensity lamps" according to The FOI 150 and 250 Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • Because of the light's intensity and focus, it is usually used for capturing or enabling detailed work
  • It is most commonly used, according to he FOI 150 and 250 Fiber Optic Illuminator, by "microscopes and video microscopes, boroscopes, industrial imaging, custom process and inspection equipment."
  • X-Ray Illuminators
  • Most x-rays are studied using illuminators. An x-ray is "used in medicine as a diagnostic aid as parts of the body, such as bones, absorb X-rays and so appear as opaque areas on the picture"
  • X-ray illuminators are used to study the x-rays taken by providing enough light to illuminate the bones or teeth and any physical damage such as fractures
  • They are often found mounted on walls in doctor or dentist offices

Infrared Illuminators play a very important role in surveillance:

  • Infrared illuminators can make quite an impact in the case of a surveillance system. As everyone knows the surveillance systems are highly dependent on the cameras as they are the eyes. However, just like the eyes the cameras also need light to see as well as capture the images. This means that in the absence of light, which is usually at night the surveillance system is handicapped. However, this problem can easily be tackled with the help of the infrared illuminators
  • Infrared illuminators are designed to emit infrared light also referred to as the infrared illumination or IR illumination. This infrared light covers a wavelength on the light spectrum of light that is a little beyond the range of visibility found in humans; hence we can not see this light
  • The best thing about the infrared illuminators is that when used with the black and white cameras they act as amplifiers which help to amplify the light. By adding infrared illumination to a black and white surveillance camera, it is possible to create a lighting condition which may appear darkness to the human eye but will give the camera an image due to its capability to view the spectrum of light in which infrared falls
  • Another area in which the infrared illuminators help a lot is the overall consumption of electricity. The bright lights that are required to light the surroundings for a black and white surveillance camera can consume up to full kilowatt on an hourly basis. The illuminators providing IR illumination will take close to forty hours to consume this amount of electricity. This means that the infrared illuminators are much more useful when it comes to saving electricity. This is one of the biggest advantages of these illuminators
  • Many people and organizations need to use their camera surveillance system at night for security purposes. In such cases the surveillance cameras may not be able to produce the right images or may not produce any image at all. Therefore, to tackle the problem of low lighting conditions in this scenario it is always better to use an infrared illuminator with a low light camera. It will not only help to avoid paying the huge electricity bills that are sure to happen in case of the bright lights, but it will also help to conserve electricity

Infrared Illuminators Make the Difference Between Night and Day For Surveillance:

  • Infrared illuminators can, quite literally, make the difference between night and day to your surveillance system, not to mention your electric bill. The eyes of any surveillance systems are, of course, the cameras. Just like any other cameras they need light to see and record pictures, whether it is video or still images that you need to record. Black and white digital surveillance cameras take better pictures in low light conditions than color cameras. For this reason some surveillance cameras are made to switch from color to black and white when the light level drops. This option gives them the ability to always get the best pictures possible. But they still need some light to do their job and just because we can't see a certain light of the spectrum doesn't mean that a camera can't use it to see
  • Infrared illuminators emit infrared light, the name gives that away. Infrared light is a wavelength on the spectrum of light that is just beyond the visible range for humans. What the name doesn't tell you is that these illuminators function like light amplifiers for black and white surveillance cameras. A digital lens isn't confined to the same set of wavelengths of light that our eyes are. By adding an infrared illuminator to your black and white surveillance camera you supply the light it needs to see in lighting conditions that any human would call total darkness, while to the camera, it's as bright as day
  • There are places where it is illegal, impractical or just plain rude to have bright lights on the outside of a building that are on all night long. In places where these conditions exist, Infrared illuminators are about as necessary, in outdoor applications, as the cameras themselves. Should none of these conditions apply consider that the wattage of the lights you would need can be a major factor in the cost of using your surveillance system at night
  • The super bright bulbs that you would need to light a large outdoor area well enough for even a sensitive black and white surveillance camera to take decent pictures can use up to one full kilowatt hour, every hour, each. The highest power consuming infrared illuminators would take forty hours to use this much electricity. For the sake of comparison, that's the same as a twenty five watt bulb. That means that they can run for about five full nights using the same amount of electricity as one 1,000 watt bulb uses in one hour. This could easily make the difference between night and day to your electric bill
  • You may have a real need to use your surveillance system during the night. You may be concerned that your surveillance cameras won't be able to get good pictures or pictures at all, with the small amount of available light in a particular area, even though you have a low light camera. You may also be concerned about paying the high cost of lighting these areas, or the restrictions on using this lighting. Using infrared illuminators will solve many problems associated with night time surveillance, not only outdoors but indoors as well

Package Included:

  • 1 x Infrared IR Illuminator