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Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5" TFT LCD Screen Wireless Baby Monitor / Receiver


This LCD Baby Monitor will make your life a little bit easier as it's the perfect way to keep an eye on your baby, home, office, car and more! Best of all this LCD Baby Monitor is ready to use straight out of the box! Now you can know that your ...
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  • Power Supply: AC-DC adaptor (DC>6V 800mA)
  • Consumptions Current: 400mA
  • Power Consumption: Approx 3W
  • Storage Temperature: -40C~>85C/-40F>185F
  • Operation Temperature: -10C~>50C/>14F~>122F
  • Operation Humidity: 85%RH
  • Size: 140 x 70 x 30mm/5.5 x 2.8 x 1.2in(L x W x H)
  • Built-in Li-ion Battery


  • Type: TFT-LCD
  • Dimention: 2.5"
  • Display Resolution: 480 x 234
  • active Area: 49.2(W) x 38.142(H)mm
  • Dot Pitch: 0.1.25(W) x 0.163(H)mm
  • View Angle(U/D/L/R): 10/30/45 degree
  • Brightness: 250cd/sq.m
  • Contrast: 150:1
  • Light Source: LED

Radio Frequency:

  • Demodulation Type: FM
  • Input VSWR: 2:1
  • Receiving Frequency: ISM2.400MHz~2.483~MHz CH1=2.414MHz CH2=2.432MHz CHI=2.450MHz CH4=2.468MHz
  • Intermediate Frequency: 480MHz
  • Frequency Stabilization: 100KHz
  • Local Leakage at Input Terminal: <-55dBm
  • Receiving Sensitivity: <-85dBm


  • This LCD baby monitor is best solution for entertainment, attendance, surveillance and security      
  • This best baby video monitor supports you talk to your baby freely. You keep an eye on your children, pets when they are playing in the garden  
  • A personal professional security specialist for you
  • Two way communication to wirelessly listen and talk to your baby
  • This LCD baby monitor baby monitor is truly portable for the busy parent
  • Now you can know that your baby is safe at all times with this discrete yet cute and cuddly wireless color baby monitor
  • Stable signal and without interference
  • High resolution picture of this LCD Baby Monitor 
  • The smart unique design of this Wireless Baby Monitor bring you a happy mood


Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5

  • It is perfect for placing in the two most popular rooms in your house

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5

  • This Color Baby Monitor offers soothing effects to help baby fall asleep

Size in Detail:

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5Benefits of Using a Video Baby Monitor

For years, parents have used audio baby monitors to listen to their children's activities at nap time and bedtime. Recently, however, this useful technology has been upgraded, as video baby monitors have hit the market. These monitors deliver both audio and visual information. Although video baby monitors are more expensive than the older variety, the benefits of video baby monitors make them well worth the cost

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5

  • Peace of Mind: A video baby monitor provides greater peace of mind for a parent than an audio monitor because of the additional information it offers. A visual picture allows parents to be aware of their child's position, safety and crib habits even when the child is being quiet. It also helps parents to sleep well at night, giving them full confidence that they can check on their baby at any time without even getting out of bed
  • Scope of Monitoring: A video monitor allows parents to supervise a wider variety of their child's crib activities than simply the noises he makes in bed. If a child is repeatedly throwing up in his bed, a video monitor may reveal that he is gagging himself, or if he is pulling things into his crib from a nearby table, a video monitor may show how he is managing the feat so it can be avoided in the future
  • Watching Without Waking: Parents often feel the need to regularly check on their child during her nap or in the night to be sure she is sleeping, breathing and resting comfortably. A video monitor easily meets this need without the risk of waking the child.
  • Shared Bedroom: When an older sibling shares a baby's room, a video monitor can help parents supervise the older child's interaction with the younger child. A parent can allow the two children to nap in the same room, knowing that the monitor will reveal when the older child wakes, before that child is able to unintentionally put the baby at risk by dropping toys into the crib or climbing into the crib
  • Health Concerns: A video monitor can serve as a helpful tool for enhancing the health and safety of children with physical problems. For example, a video monitor can alert parents to a child's asthma or allergy attack that may be undetectable on an audio monitor. For children with skin problems such as eczema, a video monitor can alert parents to a child's scratching and discomfort

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5How Does a Baby Monitor Work?

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5

  • Basics: Since babies sleep a lot and new parents can't stay in the room with a baby the entire time, the baby monitor is a great way to listen for sounds of distress from the child. A baby monitor is a device that sends sound over a one-way radio frequency to a receiver. The distance the sound is projected varies between different models. Most baby monitors are built to work within a distance of about 150 feet. The transmitter is placed in the room with the baby and should be plugged in no more than 10 feet away from the crib. The receiver is usually portable and carried around with the parent throughout the house and outside on the porch or in the yard
  • Issues: The radio frequency used to transmit sound from the baby to the caregiver is the same frequency used for cordless telephones and other transmissions that can come from police and emergency signals. More expensive models are built with higher frequency abilities that can eliminate outside interference. Baby monitors used by neighbors also can provide interference in listening to a child in one household. Monitors that come with a scrambler can minimize and remove any outside interference. To work, baby monitors must be turned on at both ends. Less expensive baby monitors that run on batteries may leave parents under a false impression that they are secure in their ability to hear when the baby wakes up
  • Advanced: Look for features that allow the baby monitor to work through any number of scenarios. Monitors such as the Evenflo Monitor and Intercom are usually less than $80. They beep when the battery is low and provide an option to turn the sound down and display noise by emitting a flashing light, which may be useful when parents do not want to disturb others in the room. The Evenflo model also features a two-way sending option that allows parents to speak back to the child, sometimes soothing the infant back to sleep. More advanced baby monitors come with video displays that send pictures to the receiver over a digital wireless signal. Audio/video baby monitors such as the Babyview20 by Levana run closer to $200. High-speed microprocessors are built into the latest baby monitors that are placed under the sleeping baby and detect movement. If the baby stops moving for more than 20 seconds, an alarm sounds. Movement detection monitors such as the Babysense V from BabySafe also include the traditional sound monitor and cost about $100

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5How to Buy a Baby Monitor

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5

Baby monitors are radio transmitters that allow you to hear your baby when you're not present in the room with her. Monitors come in a variety of styles and include many different features, so follow these steps to buy one that suits your needs and lifestyle


Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5

  • Look for a baby monitor with a small receiver, which will make it more convenient for you to tote around your home. Make certain the baby monitor will run on batteries
  • Buy a baby monitor with a light that activates when it picks up sound. This feature will allow you to know your baby is awake and needs you when you're running the dishwasher, listening to music, or vacuuming and cannot hear the noise from your baby's room
  • Find a baby monitor that includes two receivers which will allow you to leave first receiver in your bedroom or another room you frequent often, and carry the second receiver around the house with you
  • Verify that you can easily clip or attach the baby monitor's receiver to your belt loop if you plan on carrying it around with you
  • Search for and buy a baby monitor that includes a low-battery light; when lit, it indicates that you need to replace the batteries
  • Research the bandwidth you need for your home. Pricier baby monitors include a bandwidth of 900 megahertz, which provide great reception, but this kind of reception is only available in suburban or rural areas. If you live in an urban area with a lot of interference, a baby monitor with 40 megahertz should suit your needs just fine
  • Purchase a multiple-room baby monitor if you have more than several children you need to care for. These baby monitors often come with up to three transmitters and receivers for three different rooms, and can help you keep tabs on all three rooms or a single room

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5Tips & Warnings

  • Baby monitors are priced from $50 to $100 for transmitter and receiver models, and close to $300 for baby monitors that include a video monitor
  • Keep a baby monitor away from water at all time to prevent the risk of electrocution

Why does someone need a LCD Baby Monitor?

Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5  Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5
Lieder 2.4GHz 2.5

  • Business owners may need them to keep an eye on their employees. Are employees actually doing their jobs while the boss is away? Has the secretary been dipping into the petty cash? Are office staff stealing valuables, such as inventory or office supplies?
  • Homeowners, even those renting a home or apartment, may need a hidden camera to keep an eye on service people that come in and out of their home. Is the maid really cleaning? Is the pet babysitter actually coming to take the dog for a walk, or let the cat out to use the bathroom? Are the pets getting fed? Maybe a neighbor has a spare key. Is he/she coming in uninvited while the homeowner is not there?
  • Parents may need a nanny camera to make sure their children are being well taken care of. What is the babysitter doing? Is he/she playing with the children, or talking on the phone? Are they inviting their friends over? Is there alcohol or drug use going on? Are the children being abused?
  • Even if you own a business, own a home, rent an apartment, or have children, you may not necessarily NEED a camera for any of the above examples. But, how about peace of mind? Even if you do not suspect any "foul play" going on, wouldn't it be better to KNOW there isn't? A hidden camera, nanny camera, or surveillance camera can fill that need of peace of mind. These wired and wireless hidden cameras have helped many people catch abusive nannies that otherwise would have continued to abuse or neglect their children. If you suspect your child is not being properly treated, get a hidden camera. You owe it to your children!

Package Included:

  • 1 x 2.4GHz 2.5" TFT LCD Screen Wireless Baby Monitor
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 2 x AV Cables
  • 1 x 2.4GHz Antenna
  • 1 x Headset
  • 1 x Built-in Li-ion Battery