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Keypad Controller Power Supply Door Access System L153 & K80


Do you want your home safer? Are you worrying for the safety of your children when they are left alone at home? If you are, you can have a look at our door access control system, the home security system is your best choice!The electric door is&...
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  • Sensing Distance: 0mm~160mm
  • Operating Current: <150mA
  • Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 95%
  • Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 65 ℃

Power Supply:

  • Mode: LOT-SPS3A
  • Input: AC 100-260A, 50-60Hz
  • Output: DC 12V 3A, AC 100V-260V


  • You can use the access control system to prevent bad persons in when the door is locked
  • The home security system is an extremely simple and cost-effective solution to keep safety
  • A handy program helps the user manage and back up the cardholder database
  • Cards can be added or deleted from the access privilege database
  • Operator's security personal identification number can be changed
  • The door access control system will bring a lot of convenience to you


Keypad Controller Power Supply Door Access System L153 & K80

  • The sensing distance of the home security system varies from 0mm to160mm

Keypad Controller Power Supply Door Access System L153 & K80

  • The input of the home security system is AC 100-260V, 50-60HZ

Keypad Controller Power Supply Door Access System L153 & K80

  • You can add or delete the cards from the access privilege database

Keypad Controller Power Supply Door Access System L153 & K80

  • The number of the operator's security personal identification can be changed

Keypad Controller Power Supply Door Access System L153 & K80

  • Let your family or staff member enjoy the convenience that the access control system brings

About Door Access Control:

Keypad Controller Power Supply Door Access System L153 & K80

Type of Access Control:

  • The type of access control is the by far most important specification to consider when purchasing a door access system because it dictates the way you open your doors. For that reason, you must choose an access system that is practical and relevant to your infrastructure. For example, doors that are opened on a regular basis (like in a publishing office) should avoid being controlled by an eye-scanning access system, which takes a significant amount of time to open. With lots of different people rushing in and out of the office doors, a time-consuming type of access control would be impractical and could potentially harm the way your business runs. The overall security of the door(s) should also be considered when looking at the type of access control. For example, an easy-to-steal card access system should not be used for a high-risk door such as a home storage safe. The different types of door access controls available include keypad systems, card readers, voice recognition locks and eye scanners

Access Control Software:

  • Electronic or biometric door controls that are used over an entire company or office floor are always manufactured with software. This software is a spec that buyers need to consider very carefully. Some, for example, have limitations such as only working with certain operating systems (such as Windows), while others may be too small or too basic for your current setup (e.g., a 100-employee system for 10,000 employees). Another specification to consider is whether the access controls are sold with an application service provider (ASP). An ASP is a company that manages and stores all of your security setup data in a remote center, taking all of the pressure off of your office PC system and technicians. Check with the door access control seller to find out if an ASP is an option

How to Choose an Access Control System?

Keypad Controller Power Supply Door Access System L153 & K80

  • Do a personal access inventory. Identify and evaluate access vulnerabilities, and the best way to shore up access protection of these areas of exposure. Establish perimeters and review options for securing them

Set your security perimeter:

  • padlock image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.com Decide on the level of access control that is needed and what you are comfortable with. Think about and check out the available technologies for the system you have in mind. Make your list of who will share access, and who will be excluded
  • Make sure that each person on your access list agrees, and is willing to keep his access information confidential. Instruct them not to share it with friends or others who are "harmless." Restriction of access is, after all, the whole idea behind a control system

Do not trust your security to newcomers:

  • no trespassing sign image by Paul Hill from Fotolia.com Shop your access system requirements. Meet with and speak to three or four well-established, trusted companies in your area about what you want. Schedule a time for them to do an on-site estimate. Be present for that on-site evaluation; do not leave it to someone else
  • Narrow down your system company prospects to two; then, carefully re-evaluate what each offers. Compare pricing versus what the package presented really offers. Check out their work by asking for and visiting at least two of their current customers

Quickly resolve any doubts you may have about your new system:

  • laptop security cable image by D200 from Fotolia.com Re-evaluate one final time on your way to your final decision, after making your site visits. Look specifically for the best reliability of the system. Consider next the convenience and level of comfort you personally feel about each system you are considering. Review how the system works, and assess your degree of confidence with it
  • Do not buy a system that you feel is too complicated to operate. Do not buy a system you do not have complete protection confidence in, and do not buy a system that is too pricey for what it offers

Package Included:

  • 1 x Access Control System
  • 1 x Power Supply