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MASSA MASSA Camera Lens Filters Step Up Ring 30.5mm-52mm Adapter

Having a problem? The filter has a different diameter and you still want to use it to achieve the effect you've been waiting for so long? With this 30.5mm-52mm filters adapter ring, it is not a problem at all. It will be a great way to enhance your p...
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  • Made of anodized aluminum which is a hardness, lightness and durable
  • It is a great way to enhance your photographic experience
  • With this adapter ring, you can experiment by taking close pictures of various small items such as stamps, coins and insects ect
  • It is really a very useful and helpful gear for you to save money to buy extra filter lenses
  • Durable light aluminum construction
  • A must have for the serious photographer 
  • This is an original product
  • Size: 6 x 52mm/0.2 x 2.0in(H x Dia.)


MASSA MASSA Camera Lens Filters Step Up Ring 30.5mm-52mm Adapter

  • Perfessional tool for photographer when shooting

MASSA MASSA Camera Lens Filters Step Up Ring 30.5mm-52mm Adapter

  • A step up ring used to adapt a filter to a lens when the two have different filter thread diameters

MASSA MASSA Camera Lens Filters Step Up Ring 30.5mm-52mm Adapter

  • Really a must have for all camera users

How to Use Camera Lens Adapter Rings:

  • Purchase a close up lense if you are photographing things like plants, insects, jewelry and maybe even food items. Close up lenses, which screw into the front of the camera lens, contain multiple elements of optical glass and are used to change the focus range of the lens. They come in different magnifications and are sometimes sold in sets. A 1X adapter will halve the focus range of your lens. If your lens could focus at 3 feet, you can now focus at 1.5 feet. With a 2X adapter you could focus .75 feet. They dramatically reduce the depth of field, as is true with all macro photography. They are also usually the least expensive accessory lenses to purchase
  • Telephoto Adapter: Buy telephoto adapters if you need to extend the telephoto range of the lens. These also contain multiple optical glass elements and are attached to the rear of the lens and then directly onto the camera. They are more expensive than close lenses and are very camera specific since they need to couple with the camera's autofocus and exposure mechanisms. You need to also be conscious of the weight it will add to the lens. A 2X adapter will turn a 200mm lens into a 400mm lens. It can also be used with zoom telephoto lenses. These adapters are great for sports and wildlife photography and are also used in street photography
  • Bellows: Purchase an adapter that will alter the perspective of your camera in the same way a view camera does if you are doing architectural and scenic photography or any assignment where the perspective is critical. You can purchase an adapter like the one pictured at the top of this article from LensBaby. These adapters screw into the front of the lens and allow you to tilt the front element to alter the perspective and eliminate converging lines. This option actually provides more control since you have a bellows extension and front element tilt both available. You can always adjust perspective in post production, but you will lose some of the image in the editing process
  • Fisheye Adapter: Buy special effects lens adapters like the fisheye adapter if you need to turn your wide-angle lens into a fisheye lens. You can also find polarizing filters to minimize reflections from water and glass. Both of these adapters are useful in general photography and provide a function that cannot be achieved in post production. There are also multiple image adapters, clear spot adapters, soft focus adapters and many more. These are much less useful in the digital age since all of the special effects can be easily created in post production

Package Included:

  • 1 x MASSA Camera Lens Filters Step Up Ring 30.5mm-52mm Adapter