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Mystery 17g Plastic Gear Servo 0.16s for RC Helicopter


Do you want a gear servo to make your helicopter fantastic in speed? Do you enjoy the amazing flexibility and high speed of a remote control helicopter? If either answer to the two questions is "yes", here now I'm telling you that you have come to th...
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  • Weight: 17g
  • Speed: 0.16sec/60°
  • Stall Torque: ≥2.3kg/cm
  • Voltage: 4.8-6V
  • Body Size: 28.5 x 13.3 x 30.6mm /1.1 x0.5 x 1.2in (L x W x H)


  • The gear servo can change the voltage of the electromagnets which are inside the motor
  • This is an excellent and high quality electric servo works as a device to control speed and brake
  • This remote control servo can also be used as a dynamic brake
  • This gear servo allows the motor RPM to run at a constant speed
  • Lightweight remote control servo makes no impact on your RC device
  • With this lightweight gear servo, your RC helicopter will be cooler


Mystery 17g Plastic Gear Servo 0.16s for RC Helicopter

  • With high efficiency and low power consumption, this gear servo is a necessity for your RC helicopter 

Mystery 17g Plastic Gear Servo 0.16s for RC Helicopter

  • This electric servo can qualifies your RC helicopter with the function of velocity controlling

Mystery 17g Plastic Gear Servo 0.16s for RC Helicopter

  • Made of high quality material, this remote control servo is lightweight and durable

Mystery 17g Plastic Gear Servo 0.16s for RC Helicopter

  • Manufactured with the latest digital technology, this gear servo will make your helicopter fly faster

Mystery 17g Plastic Gear Servo 0.16s for RC Helicopter

  • Designed to be humanized, this remote control servo is easy to install

How to Fix a Stuck Servo:

Mystery 17g Plastic Gear Servo 0.16s for RC Helicopter

A servo is a device used in radio-controlled cars and aircraft. It contains a small motor and a system of gears that control the speed and torque of the vehicle. The gears are delicate and can become jammed following minor crashes or hard landings, or even just from wear and tear. A stuck servo can be fixed by adjusting the gears inside the unit. The repair requires close attention to detail, but it's quick and cheaper than replacing the whole unit


  • Prepare your servo for maintenance. Disconnect the battery and remove the servo arm to provide access to the cover
  • Tape the back cover of the servo to your work surface. This will hold the device in place and prevent the gears from coming out while you work
  • Remove the small screws from the back of the unit and lift off the front cover
  • Remove the small gears one by one and inspect them for damage. If any teeth are missing, carefully remove them from the unit with tweezers
  • Remove the main gear. Use a flathead screwdriver to lever off the plastic pin and metal bearings
  • Spray a little lubricating oil onto the bearings
  • Return all the gears, replacing any broken ones
  • Spray a little oil into the main unit of the servo
  • Put the cover back on, taking care not to over-tighten the screws
  • Test your servo. Put the servo arm back on and wind it through a few times to check that it runs smoothly before reconnecting it to the battery

Tips & Warnings

  • Different servos have different gear mechanisms. Take note of the gears you remove for reference, or take a digital photograph of the inside of the unit
  • Check your servo gears regularly to ensure smooth control of your vehicle
  • Consider replacing plastic gears with more robust metal gears

How to Remove a Micro Servo Nut:

Mystery 17g Plastic Gear Servo 0.16s for RC Helicopter

A servo is a gear motor with a little wheel attached that allows for continuous rotation. It is used in aviation, robotics and some automotive applications. Most commonly, micro servos are used in high-precision model aircraft. The technique for removing the nut is the same as for any other servo, except that you must use much smaller tools. Special, small screwdrivers usually come with a kit for making model aircraft, but if you need to modify an existing model and no longer have the tools, you can get them at specialty hobby stores and, often, through an eyeglass shop


  • Grasp the small wheel on the outside of the servo and use a screwdriver to remove the single, small screw that attaches it to the motor. Hold the wheel firmly to prevent the servo from moving while you turn the screw
  • Gently pull the wheel off the splined shaft it is seated on. It may be very tight, so you might need to rock it to get it to come loose, but do not use force on such tiny parts. Gentle persistence will get it off in one piece
  • Remove the four screws from the back of the servo. These screws traverse the full height of the servo. Keep the screwdriver straight, directly perpendicular to the back of the servo box. Again, emphasize gentle persistence rather than brute force so as to not strip the threading in the delicate screws
  • Remove the cover of the servo, exposing the gear train. Use the digital camera to take a picture of the gear train for later reassembly. Set the lid flat on the counter and store the gears, long screws, servo wheel and servo wheel screw in it. This will expose the main middle gear
  • Gently rock the post the middle gear sits on while pulling both the post and gear out. Store it in the lid. This will expose the hex nut which holds the potentiometer in place
  • Use the small needle-nose pliers to loosen the hex nut. Once it is loose, you should be able to spin it off with the tip of your finger. Store it in the lid and continue your work

Package Included:

  • 1 x 17g Gear Plastic Servo
  • 1 x Set of Accessories