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Oppon USB Power Charger Data Adapter for iPod shuffle 2GB


The usb charger adapter connects your iPod to the power adapter. This iPod usb power adapter keeps you charged in auto, boat, RV, home, hotel, or dorm room. iPod charger adapter charges your iPod during use or in standby mode. With the usb charger ad...
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  • Brand new usb charger adaper
  • This USB charger adapter is very convenient to use
  • This iPod usb power adapter is your right choice when you are out
  • No cables or clumsy cradle to take with you
  • iPod charger adapter allows you to charge your iPod in your car
  • This usb charger adapter works with both Mac and PC and goes directly into the USB port to charge or sync
  • Can be attached with small keychains
  • The usb charger adapter connects your iPod to the power adapter
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Compatible with: iPod shuffle 2G


Oppon USB Power Charger Data Adapter for iPod shuffle 2GB

  • Five Colors Available

Oppon USB Power Charger Data Adapter for iPod shuffle 2GB

  • Simply plug the mobile phone charger to your iPhone/iPod for charging at anywhere you go

Oppon USB Power Charger Data Adapter for iPod shuffle 2GB

  • The USB interface is easy to operate

Oppon USB Power Charger Data Adapter for iPod shuffle 2GB

Oppon USB Power Charger Data Adapter for iPod shuffle 2GB

  • Colors for your choice


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Energize your iPod

  • Keep your iPod while you are go! Whether you're at the office, gym or outside, you can charge your player at any place and anytime! And the charger also can work with most model of mobile!

How To Use an iPod Shuffle Charger:

The iPod Shuffle is a portable device that allows owners to listen to MP3 and other audio files while away from a computer. As with all portable media players, the iPod Shuffle is powered by a battery that will start losing its charge once you begin using the Shuffle. There are a variety of iPod Shuffle chargers on the market that will allow you to charge the iPod Shuffle via an electrical outlet or a working USB port on the computer.

Wall charger:

  • Turn the iPod Shuffle off
  • Connect the iPod Shuffle to the charger by plugging the device in via the USB port located at the very bottom of the iPod Shuffle charger
  • Plug the iPod Shuffle charger into an electrical outlet. The light on the iPod Shuffle should turn on, indicating that the device is charging

USB Power Adapter:

  • Turn the iPod Shuffle off
  • Plug the power adapter into the wall socket
  • Connect the USB power cord into the power adapter via the USB port that is located on the power adapter
  • Connect the other end of the USB power cord to the iPod Shuffle. The light on the iPod Shuffle will turn on and the device will begin charging

Charge via computer:

  • Turn the iPod Shuffle off
  • Turn the computer on and ensure that the computer does not go to sleep or power down
  • Plug the USB end of the iPod Shuffle power cord into a working USB port that is located on your computer
  • Connect the opposite end of the iPod Shuffle power cord into the headphones port that is located at the top of the iPod Shuffle. The iPod Shuffle will begin charging 

Pcakage Included:

  • 1 x USB Power Charger Data Adapter for iPod shuffle 2G