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ENGSuper Army Style Camping Multifunction Pocket Knife


If you are looking for a useful and durable camping army knife, we are excited to recommend you this Army Style Camping Multifunction Pocket Knife.This pocket knife is an amazing multifunction pocket tool with Knife, ruler, fish scale ...
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  • Camping army knife is brand new
  • Heavy duty stainless steel camping army knife with 11 pieces
  • Compact size with key ring of the camping army knife is easily t ocarry for camping hiking or outdoor activity
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Length (closed): 3.5 inches
  • Functions: Knife, ruler, fish scale tool, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, cork screw, reamer with sawing eye, bucksaw, nail file, steel file, flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, key ring


ENGSuper Army Style Camping Multifunction Pocket Knife

  • Stainless steel blade of the pocket knif is for durability. Heavy duty stainless steel camping army knife with 11 pieces

ENGSuper Army Style Camping Multifunction Pocket Knife

  • Keep sharp is for a long time. And the durable and convenient camping army knife is brand new

ENGSuper Army Style Camping Multifunction Pocket Knife

  • Folding compact and lightweight is for easy carry. And the multifunctional army knife is convenient for using

ENGSuper Army Style Camping Multifunction Pocket Knife

  • The knif details of the camping army knif. Multifunctional army knife is a great camp tool combination for lovers of camping

Selecting a Folding Knife:

  • Decide if a folding knife is really the best choice for your needs. If it's a lot of heavy-duty activity, a belt knife may be better. A folding knife is always going to break sooner than a belt knife of the same quality because it has a moving part. Folding knives are a good choice for light, everyday use
  • Assess the steel. Most fold-outs are going to be either 440 or 420 gauge stainless steel. One of these numbers will be stamped on the blade, or it might be just stamped "stainless," in which case it might be either gauge. If there's no stamp of any kind, put it back. There are some high-carbon steels which will have a different stamp. These fairly rare, but if there's a stamp, it's probably still good quality. However, you will have to deal with rust prevention with these blades
  • Assess the knife for safety concerns. A good quality folding knife will have a blade lock of some kind which keeps the blade from folding in on itself. Flip it open and test it. Make sure it's tight and that the blade doesn't wobble. Your blade may develop some wobble after purchase if you use it a lot, but if it wobbles in the store, you don't want it. It's also very important to make sure that the handle of the knife fits comfortably and securely in your hand. If it doesn't, there's a danger of slippage, which will likely cause you to cut yourself
  • Assess the blade. Choose between a serrated and non-serrated blade based on what you intend to use the knife for. Bear in mind that while you can sharpen a non-serrated knife on your own and would need to take a serrated knife to a knife shop to have it sharpened.Test the blade of the knife by thumbing it (sideways, not down the length). Also test it on a piece of paper
  • Know the laws regarding the carrying of knives in your state. If you keep your knife in your pocket or in a bag, it might be considered an illegal concealed weapon, depending on the length of its blade

How to Clean a Folding Knife:

  • Boil water in a pot
  • Carefully unfold all blades and tools on the knife
  • Use tongs to pick up folding knife, and carefully place in the pot of boiling water
  • Remove folding knife with tongs after 45 seconds
  • Place knife on clean towel. Let it stand for at least 5 minutes until it cools
  • Scrub with wet toothbrush if the boiling water did not remove all of the dirt
  • Put a few drops of light vegetable oil directly on the metal blade and carefully wipe clean with a paper towel. This will remove any remaining dirt
  • Carefully close up all parts of folding knife

How to Close an Army Knife:

  • Hold the bottom of the base of the Swiss Army Knife frame. At the top of the base you will find the various Swiss Army multi-tools. This top portion of the base is the Swiss Army Knife's danger zone, and you need to keep your hand completely free of this area
  • Push the open knife blade or multi-tool down towards the danger zone with your free hand. Push on the outside or non-sharpened edge of the knife or multi-tool
  • Guide the open knife or multi-tool into the base of the Swiss Army Knife frame. You will normally hear a click or snap when the open knife or mutli-tool fully closes

Package Included:

  • 1 x Multifunctional Army Knife for Camping